This Extensive Tutorial Will Show You Everything You Need To Know About High Speed Photography

Maurice Ribble, the maker behind CameraAxe,  probably one of the higher authorities on high speed photography today just released one of the most extensive lectures on high speed photography that I have seen to date.

It is not a fancy video like we are used to, but rather a slide based lecture, but nevertheless the information there is priceless.

It goes from the very most trivial question of “what is high speed photography” to some basic concepts like why you want to use a strobe to freeze the action using a strobe and not a high shutter speed. Maurice is then doing a few extensive how-to tutorials on drops and balloons and ending with some fancy setups using uber powerful (and slightly dangerous) air gap strobes.


Aside of making the CameraAxe triggering system Maurice has done his rounds, going from the ancient way of lighting Flash Powder through understanding modern strobes all the way to making an uber fast 16,000 volt airgap strobe, so he knows what he is talking about.

If you want to take this lecture to your camera club, Maurice also provides a google doc presentation here.

[High Speed Photography Overview | Maurice Ribble]

  • Maurice

    Wow, I’m always honored when my things show up on diyPhotography. That tells me I must have done something right…

    Anyways I’m interested in feedback you have or areas you think aren’t quite correct (I’m sure there are a few small mistakes in this presentation). Also if you have a follow up question going into more depth on a topic or have a request for a future video just let me know.