Explore Portugal In This Scenic Hyperlapse Made By An Award Winning Timelapse Filmmaker


While on a holiday in Portugal to accept a Best Timelapse award for his incomparably brilliant Moscow Night Timelapse/Hyperlapse, Kirill Neiezhmakov, like any good photographer, seized the opportunity to create his next treasure, Portugal Hyperlapse/Timelapse. Neiezhmakov is making a name for himself among timelapse and hyperlapse photography enthusiasts as one of the art forms leading filmmakers, and rightfully so. He has the uncanny ability to create his new magnum opus with every timelapse he puts out. This Lisbon and Sesimbra, Portugal are no exception.

Upon arriving in Lisbon from his home in Ukraine, Neiezhmakov, contacted Portugal based image maker, Francesco Cerruti for a helping hand in the making of the timelapse. The team traveled to multiple points of interest to make the film, capturing landmarks such as Eduardo VII Park (1:12), Arrábida Sesimbra (0:15) Rossio (1:02), and my personal favorite part of the timelapse, inside and underwater at The Oceanarium in Park of The Nations (1:33). Take a look:

For those of you who appreciate gear, here’s a list of what equipment was used:

Also, wow, did you see those unusual transitions? Neiezhmakov’s approach and overall skills in post production are part of what makes his timelapse clips so creative. I’m assuming a lot of the post work was done in Adobe After Effects, which he clearly has a decent command of.

[ Kirill Neiezhmakov | Francesco Cerruti ]

  • Tiago

    Looking at this artist’s great work makes me very proud of my country! =)

  • João N

    Thanks for the post but there is an error: In the first line you wrote:
    “While on a holiday in Portugal, Spain to accept a Best Timelapse…”. However, Portugal is not part of Spain but a different country altogether.

    • http://www.lifeisunabridged.com Tiffany Mueller

      Thank you, good catch!

    • Tiago

      I initially misread it… I thought the writer meant she went on holiday in Portugal and Spain!
      I wonder how many people on earth think Portugal “belongs” to Spain and if this was one of this cases! ^^