Everything Looks Cool Photographed Under An Electron Microscope


The folks at FEI are making electron microscopes. If you thought that the D800 was pricy and/or bulky try a Scanning Electron Microscopes. Even a small one weighs over 850 kilos and has a p[referred door width on its installation requirements.

But, the images they produce are amazing. Every sample, dead or alive provides incredible images taken at the nanometer level with magnification as strong as X12,000. This is your chance to see a Gecko’s foot as you’ve never seen it before. We wrote the magnification next to each picture. (The tomato leaf in the title was magnified only by 453).

Spider Skin | X12,000

Spider Skin

Blood Cells | X15,000

Blood Cells

The leg of a Gecko | X120

Geckofuss 120x

Egg of a Water Bear | X1000

Tardigr M sapiens Ei 1kx

Tungsten filament | X59 (yes, only 59)

Tungsten filament

Thanks for the heads up Brian.

[FEI Company’s photostream via Flickr]