Everybody – Bag Up!

bog logoOne week ago we kicked off the Bag O’ Goodies assignment/contest. If you haven’t checked it out yet now is a god time as there is only one week left to enter.

And why should you enter. Well for starters, you’ll get to photograph a creative food shot, and who can resist that.

But also there is a great Bag O’ Prizes Valued at over 850 USD.

To enter the assignment, you’ll need either a Flickr or Facebook account. Flickr tends to take a bit to process your account so if you are planning to participate, I recommend opening your account here today. It is easy and free.

Once you have a mouth watering food related image, submit it to the DIYP pool and tag it with diyp-bog-food.

Other option is to share your image on DIYP’s facebook page.

Actually, even if you don’t plan on participating (like this is even an option), you should consider joining the DIYP Flickr pool. It’s a great place to learn about DIY photo gear and to see the great pictures that you can take with it. Very hard to tell who’s pro and who’s an aspiring garage shooter anymore.

As with all images in the pool and facebook page, captions should include the setup or the DIYing of the picture.

Best of luck.