eBook: Your Complete Guide To Building A Photography Studio At Home

Your Complete Guide To Building A Photography Studio At Home

I’ve got a very happy announcement today. DIYP is releasing its first eBook – Home Studio Photography: Your Complete Guide To Building A Photography Studio At Home.

It’s a long name, I know, yet it grasps the essence of the book, providing a full, comprehensive reference book for building a Photography studio at home. You can grab a copy here, or read the details after the jump.

Expands and Compliments DIYP’s Lighting Section

Over the last year, one of the questions that I’ve been asked most is Why isn’t there a DIYP book? So I set out and along with the photography discussed; what book would be a great resource for readers that are both into DIY, Photography and Strobism? We thought that it would be a book that shows how a lighting-oriented photographer can setup a complete studio at his or her living room or garage.

Today, I am happy to bring a 6 months effort into conclusion.

Home Studio Photography is a brother read to the lighting section here on the blog. It contains some projects from the blog which have been revised and updated, along with 6 new projects never seen before.

It also gives me pleasant tingles to announce that Home Studio Photography features projects from guest contributors: Nick Wheeler, David Turman, Rui M Leal, Matt Haines, Megan Abshire, Sandra Freeman and Alex Campagna.

23 Home Studio Projects For Every Modifier Imaginable

With 16 Full Tutorials, 5 Quick Tips, 3 Ghetto Setups and 3 Cheat Sheets, the book provides a stepping stone into the world of cheap, fun studio building and then studio shooting.

Projects Included:

  • The Easiest Softbox In The World
  • DIY Strip Light
  • The Best Softbox Ever
  • Continuous Light Softbox
  • Turkey Pan Beauty Dish
  • Foamboard Reflector
  • V Cards
  • PVC Diffusion Screen
  • The ‘Oh So Famous’ Cereal Snoot
  • Coroplast Gridspot
  • Black Straws Grid
  • PVC Light Stand
  • Pony Clamp Stand
  • Stick In A Can
  • Light Tent
  • Underlight With A Cardboard Box

Home Studio Photography TOC

The book also features an equipment guide page from B&H. The items in the guide were selected as the ones I honestly recommend for starting a small home studio. It is this product page and B&H support that helped me kick start this project, so please consider sending them your business.

Home Studio Photography In A Nutshell:

  • Walks you through the relevant projects for building all the modifiers needed for a studio
  • Shows how to build cheap, yet fully functional versions of expensive lighting modifiers
  • Detailed step by step tutorials, with images and diagrams to illustrate the build process of each project
  • Quick Tips: Short and fun projects that require little craftsmanship

Home Studio Photography: pages

Get Your Copy Today

For the launch week, we are selling the book for an introductory price of $14.95. After that it is back to its regular price of $19.85.

You can get a copy of the book here.