Easy Product Photography Gone Wrong (And Right Again)

Easy Product Photography Gone Wrong (And Right Again)DigitalRevTV is my kind of youtube channel.One of their latest features is an easy IKEA product photography setup shown blow, which actually shows a cheapo still life studio set and an even cheaper solution for ‘simple’ product photography.

I got in for a quick look and got drifted away. Now two hour of my life will never be returned. They know photography, they don’t take themselves too seriously and they are not afraid of nuking – or should I say pinking – cameras, which is a sure recipe for having lots of fun.

if you’re already browsing around the channel you may want to check their DIY solution for left handed camera made out of pumpkin. It’s been around from Halloween, I guess, but still got a good laugh out of me.

The digital rev are connected to the digital rev shop, that probably explains their light hand when it comes to cameras. A pretty slick way of marketing, if you ask me.