Easily Carry Your Bokeh Discs

[091/365] - Make 7, Up Yours (by Marco_Parc)Finally, the Bokeh Masters Kit gets mod. I could not be more proud.

It is a simple mode, a modal’e. Yet DIYP’s kit is now a proud member of the modifiable products family. Kudos to Guy Tismansky for submitting it. If you have absolutely no idea what I am talking about and see this kit introduction post.

The mod is simple and really takes only 30 seconds to complete, once done it will allow you to easily carry your bokeh discs by attaching the discs wallet to the camera strap. If you already have a kit, simply follow the instructions below. [The image above was taken by Marco_Parc using the bokeh masters kit]


  • Bokeh Masters Kit Wallet
  • Pencil
  • Exacto Knife
  • Ruler
  • Cutting mat [for table protection]

Step 1: Flatten The Disc Wallet

Actually, this is a step back. When you got the kit, the wallet was flat and then you “folded” it into a wallet. Now you will have to undo this and re-flatten it.

Bokeh Disc Wallet Mod - Da Wallet (by udijw)

Step 2 – Mark The Slits

Using a ruler mark two slits near the edges of the back square. You will later thread the camera strap through those slits.

This is a no brainier, however there are two pointers that you should take into consideration: A – Don’t cross the streams don’t hit the fold. If you hit the fold, it will tear, so make sure you are cutting in the middle of the square, living plenty of room to each of the sides. B – Watch the orientation of the cut. It will word best it is perpendicular to the envelope thingy.

Using the Exacto knife, cut where you marked the slits.

Bokeh Disc Wallet Mod - Cut Slits (by udijw)

Step 3 – Strap On

Thread the strap through the two slits and you’re done. Now you can take the discs wherever you go.

Bokeh Disc Wallet Mod - The Result (by udijw)

After Note

Guy was nice enough to allow me to include this hack into the kit. So starting from the next production batch the Bokeh Masters Kit will have those slits readymade, till that, you’ll just have to mod it.