Drinking Beer – Out! Snooting – In!

Photography and Lighting - DIY SnootAttending a great software conference like the Agile 2008 conference does have its perks. Aside from the great lectures, fantastic food, and excellent developers to hang out with, you have your freebies. Freebies are the cool little things that vendors will give you to make you come to their booth, and listen to what ever it is they have to offer.

It is only natural that in a software conference you’ll get your USB mini-hub, cool agile poker cards, snoot, assorted candies … did you say snoot?!?!?

Well, not at first sight. One of the Agile consulting companies, Improving Enterprises, was giving away free blue beer holders. Yes, software developers do drink beer hold beer holders. Now, let’s see: made out of foam? Check! Will fit a Nikon SB-800? Check! Black interior? Check! Will look professional on a set? Check!

There was no way I could resist this. After taking the bottom off I got a perfect snoot – and it said “Improving” in large bold font. How can you not love this?

Photography Lighting - DIY Snoot

I could not find any corrugated plastic signs, otherwise I’d be back with a gridspot too :)

See this image for a lonely snootless flash (and please ignore the piles of laundry on the sofa).

Photography and Lighting - DIY Snoot

And this is the snooted Nikon SB-800. (It is harder to see the mess now)

Photography and Lighting - DIY Snoot