Is That A Lighting Kit In Your Trunk, Or Are You Just Happy To See Me?

The Frugal Film Maker by Scott Eggleston is a great resource if you wanna take DIYing from stills to Video. In this installment Scott talks about a his always-in-the-trunk lighting kit. The kit is basically a plastic tote that can be a life saver whenever you arrive at a location that needs basic lighting.

The kit includes a set of hacked worklights, clamp lights, various bulbs and extension cords, a few low wattage light sources and various other goodies. And, of course, gaffers tape.

This got me thinking about compiling a similar kit for photography, something that will have some very basic and cheap stuff that I can always leave in the trunk of my car and not be worried about someone stealing it. I will share more on that as the kit is built. In the meantime I was wondering about your basic kits. Share in the comments.