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Every once in a while I like to have a look at the orders coming in via DIYP Amazon links.

Not only it make me proud that you help support the site by buying stuff via the DIYP Amazon link (it costs the same, but a small portion of the sale goes to support DIYP), but it help me see what are the trends in buying books accessories and cameras.

Here is the list of popular items as of today (May, 2009) with some commentary inline.


I am not surprised that all books are related to lighting. Major portions of this blog are lighting related. The first book on the list, S,L&M is definitely the best photography book I have ever read.


2 out of three most popular cameras are kinda entry level cameras. On the other hand no P&S got into the first three. I was kinda surprised by that, as many of the photogs I know have a P&S as a backup / family camera. Personally, I own the Canon G9 and can not be happier with a second small camera.


No big surprise here. My guess is that anyone that read the Create Your Own Bokeh post runs to get one of them 50mm lenses.


2 Frugal flashes and a top gun. If you’re shooting strobist style, no reason to get all fancy – manual (and possibly an optical slave) is all you need. If you’re going CLS style the SB900 is the perfect choice. After all it is the best flash ever made.


Gotta love the Honl speedstrap (or you can make one if you like)

Lastly, thanks for clicking the Amazon links, you help keep the site going.

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