DIYP Got a New Look

I am very happy to announce the new look of DIYP. If you are reading this via RSS, you may want to click though and see the new design.

Over the last few weeks I have been working with the great team at cre8d design to give DIYP a new look.

The fact of the matter is that since I originally installed Drupal on the site, I never changed the default theme. It is a great theme, however it did not allow for some of the features I wanted for DIYP.

The team at cre8d did a very nice job of creating a new theme that makes better use of the space the page has to offer, as well as allow for some community features.

What’s New?

Of course we have a cool new slick design, but we also have some new features on the site:

Images from the pool are now featured on the right hand corner, I hope this will encourage readers to submit DIY related to the pool. Currently the images that the block displays are the ones tagged with diypfav, so if you see this tag on one of your images, congrats. The cool thing is that the block allows for filtering by other keywords as well, so it can be used to show assignments submissions, contests results and so on.

Each post now ends with a footer where I will place links that needs highlighting, As you can see it now features links to our RSS stream and to DIYP Flickr resources.

Sharing just got easier, you can share via the small “share” link at the top of each post.

Lastly we now have categories. The top banner shows the various things and topics you can explore on the site. Hopefully, this will make site navigation easier and allow readers to quickly access what they are looking for

There may be some changes and adjustments in the next few days so bear with us.

Love it / Hate it? I’d love to hear.