DIYP Third Year Anniversary Is Coming Up – Call For Sponsors

DIYP is going to turn 3 in two weeks or so. To celebrate this occasion we’re throwing our biggest contest ever.

I figured this can be a great opportunity for DIYP readers to show off and win prizes. This is also a great opportunity for sponsors to get exposed and familiarized with DIYP readers. And I mean this in the nicest way. As SPOY was such a great contest, I am going to model this contest in a similar fashion. Read on for more details.

DIYP Third Year Anniversary Contest Sponsorship

1. I am looking for five sponsors to be part of this fun contest and provide a worthy prize to the winners. Prizes will go to DIYP readers so the prizes should be photography related.

2. To enter, submit a comment with your name and contact details and the prize you are willing to offer. (Not to worry, comments will not be published)

3. Part of being a sponsor is getting some exposure with DIYP readers. Each sponsor will get exposure in the following ways:

A dedicated Prize Announcement Post – This post will have the name of your company, a link and, of course, the prize. 

When the winner is announced, announcement will include prize and sponsor details.

A two-week 200X100 pixels banner run during the first half of 2009.

With current statistics this means that your banner will be seen roughly 280,000 times (average pageviews for a two weeks period), and that each post will be seen by 14,000 RSS readers.

All this goodness plus you’ll get the photography community deep appreciation and smiles all over.

You will be responsible for shipping of the prize to the happy winner – note that he or she may live anywhere in the world. Last I check we have one reader in Greenland.

Duty and Import taxes (if any) will be paid by the winner.

DIYP Third Year Anniversary Contest Submissions

The target is to hold the contest at March, and announce the winners at the end of the month.  So assuming we get enough sponsors interested, we’ll kick off the DIYP Third Year Anniversary Photo contest at the beginning of the month. 

Winners will be chosen from the DIYP flickr pool. So if you’re planning on participating, you can start (or continue) submitting your photos to the pool.

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