DIY – The Cheap Yet Shamefull Underwater Camera Housing

under water camera housingIt is reported that Navy SEALS commonly use two condoms to seal firing assemblies for their underwater explosives, having thus coined the term: “Dual Waterproof Firing Assemblies”. This article is a tribute to their ingenuity, and it expands on the concept of the waterproof condom, in order to make a waterproof housing for my digital camera (and other consumer electronics).

(OK, OK, the original title was “Dual Waterproof Consumer Electronics – the condom housing”)

It starts with a humoristic video, detailing how I bought the condoms (not as simple as it sounds!), and showing the building process, as well as some of the uses for the housings.

under water camera housing 00

Buying the condoms!

Sounds simple right?

However, the main dilemma lies here: you will need condoms that are very clear, so as to give a clear picture, and you also need them unlubricated, so the lube would not cover your camera (or prevent the glue to adhere).
My local chemist’s were not much use in giving me advice (as you can see from the vid), but in the end, they did not have unlubricated condoms, so I purchased some normal ones.

I also ordered some Trojan unlubricated condoms online, but the problem with them is that they are coated in some sort of talcum powder, which makes them a bit blurry (as you can see from the pics and the vid). The obvious answer is to wash this lube or powder, but the condom is then unrolled, which makes it much harder to slip on the camera…

Speak of problems, huh!

under water camera housing 01

Protect the objective (ie camera)

If you do not want to strip the gears in the zoom motor, protect the objective with a roll of cardboard (here I used two rolls, one inside the other, for strength: a piece of loo roll, and a piece of kitchen towel roll).

under water camera housing 02

Place a dessicant bag…

… one the camera to prevent condensation forming in the housing.

By the way, these tend to absorb ambient humidity, so if it has been sitting in the house for a while, it’s unlikely to work well…

Put it in the microwave for a minute before use, and make sure not to burn yourself when you get it out.

under water camera housing 03

Slip the condom on…

… tie a knot ; and seal with a glop of wetsuit glue

under water camera housing 04

Slip on a second condom…

… tie a knot, and apply glue again.

under water camera housing 05

And there you have it…

under water camera housing 06

A dual waterproof housing for all your consumer electronics. Works great on car key remote controls, for surfers who are fed up with leaving their keys under a wheel, and having all their clothes nicked…

This article was contributed by Sam Noyoun a member of the instructibles group (check his other instructibles, and videos – this guy ROCKS!)