DIY Turntable For Videos

Hey guys,

This is Benjamin Von Wong, Montreal Based Photographer and I wanted to present to you a pretty nifty DIY solution that I’ve come up with! Recently, following my Von Wong does Europe tour, I’ve been trying to put together some product review and I found myself in need of a versatile product display solution!

DIY Turntable For Videos

Although there were multiple Lazy Susan DIY options out there to do such a thing I was looking for something just a little bit sturdier and DIY’ed my own turntable using a Cinemaskater, 100DVD pack, and some table glass. The advantage of having larger wheels in addition to some weight pushing down translates into a smoother movement and would also give me more options when displaying larger products so that part of things was quite critical in my case.

After assembling the whole thing together I came up with some ideas of product display to make things just a little more exciting. Now I wanted to point out that I am not exactly a specialized ideographer so the edits are really just of me playing around but I have noticed that adding a little bit of movement into a product display can make some pretty amazing results.

We didn’t really plan what we were going to be doing so just toyed around really with what we had available, and as you can see from the video, a couple things that worked really well for us were:

Smoke from a smoke machine

DIY Turntable For Videos

Bubbles from your everyday dollarstore

DIY Turntable For Videos

Fake Snow that you can find on Amazon

DIY Turntable For Videos

While I did not experiment wit the following items yet, I have a strong feeling that those things could be interesting for anyone else attempting to make a product look cool:

  • Dry Ice
  • Water flowing
  • Sparkles

So have a go at making your own DIY turntable and adding your own special effects! Share the results you come up with, we can’t wait to see what you come out with!

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