DIY Photowire Frames

DIY Photowire FramesOK, so we’ve had about 400 articles on taking pictures. What do you do with all those images?

I know you did not expect me to come up with a dull answer like tag them, upload them to Flickr (though Flickr is great), or put them in an album I know you are expecting something with a little more handy work. No to worry, this project will provide a great show-off with minimal effort.

Here is a neat way to display your images. And Yes – it will require some DIYing. (Are they still saying neat nowadays? I got all my English from watching the A-team). Thank you Dima Tsvetkov for this great tutorial.


Here is the stuff you will need. But there is many other ways to create this. Imagination is a limit.

  • |_| shaped aluminum bar
  • 1mm steel wire
  • squeezing wire clips
  • 4mm screws
  • 4mm pegs for concrete wall
  • A drill
  • And the weights
  • And of course 10mm neodymium magnets.


Creating The Wall Mount

Here is a mounting plan. As you can see, we are using the screws to hold the rail to the wall. The nice thing about this is that the rail actually hides the screws.


Gnaw L-shaped groove on the both ends of the aluminum bar with a dremel or drill or something else you can use for that. Make sure that grooves are as similar as possible. The width of the groove is the width of the screw’s neck, not hat.


Drill 1mm holes for wires. I drilled them with 15cm interval. I planed to use 10×15 sized photos, so this interval is good for them. But you can make your own decisions that will fit you.


On the other side of the bar squeeze a wire clip on the wire’s end. Of course you should have already cut wires into the suitable length. My wall is 240cm high, so I cut wires into 230cm parts.


I didn’t find the easiest way to join weights to wires. I used match sticks to keep wires in the weights. These weights are actually door knobs.


Now, I’ll admit, they look ugly, but they are behind the sofa. That doesn’t bother me.


Drill holes into the wall at the same distance as grooves on the bar are. And about 1cm from the ceiling . Leave about 2-3mm gap between the screw’s hat and the wall. This is for the aluminum bar .


Here they are.


Now slide the bar on to the screws


Weights are just in a right distance from the floor.


Adding Pictures

Now just pick some photos and stick them on to the wires with the magnets.


These photos are picked for reference photo. But I’m planning to take some graphically nice photo, from which I create some kind of mosaic.


There’s More

OK, this idea can be taken anywhere you’d like.

  • The easiest way to mount wires on to the wall is to make a loop and hang it on the screw or hook.
  • You actually can made a few wires with the loops and hang them in the middle of the room. And then stick on them a lot of the photos.