DIY Lighting – Trading Your GPS For a Flash

gsp_mount_for_flash.jpgWhen strolling at my local autostore I stumbled across this very interesting gadget. (Well, not exactly this interesting gadget, but a close sibling).

It is a windshield mount for a GPS device. The natural thing for me, being the why-don’t-you-stop-and-ask-for-directions-said-the-wife kinda guy that I am, and the natural and logical thing for me is to buy a GPS. However, those babies cost millions.

I had no alternative but to go to my other hobby – photography and see how I can use this mount for my photography studio.

gsp_mount_for_flash_03The mount has two sides – a vacuum disk and an adjustable cradle. It was only natural that I’ll use the vacuum disk side to mount this baby on my living room window. The grip was firm enough that I felt safe mounting my Nikon SB-800. It is also a great compliment to the wire tripod – if there is nothing but glass – you are still OK.

One of the nice features of the cradle is that it is adjustable in width and that it has rubber sponges in the inside of the grippers. I could firmly grip my SB-800 and not worry about it falling out of the cradle. If you feel unsafe about it you can use cable holders or bungee balls to lock the flash into position.

gsp_mount_for_flash_02.jpgThe other cool feature is the flexible arm – allowing you to point your flash in the direction you need with out reattaching it to the cradle or removing it from the window.

You can stick it to the window and point it at your model, or point it to the wall and get a nice bounce. All in a heart bit.

I got me one of those at a local store and it cost me the equivalent of 12 Dollars. A great bargain, no doubt. But wait!!! It gets even better. This GPS mount from Amazon is only 6.99.

A small word of caution: make sure the vacuum disk is pressed all the way through to avoid flash injury.

Oh yes, I almost forgot – this flash mount can also double as a GPS mount for your car.

PS – I’m trying to get a cheapo ringflash design going on. When we make it, it wil lbe cheap and very much DIY. Check out the call to arms.

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