DIY Light Painting Breakdown

DIY Light Painting Breakdown

A few days ago we shared the awesome light painting and BTS videos from Vincent Bruno. If you thought you needed elaborate gear or a lot of assistance to create one of those great painting, Vincent made one more painting to prove you wrong. If you master the skills, you can make it whenever and wherever you desire. This time he breaks it down for us (and signs it DIY which we appreciate a ton). The video and textual breakdown after the jump.

Da Break Down

  1. Used a small red light behind my hand
  2. Shined a high lumens spotlight on the objects in front of me, three monkeys, my coffee cup and my cigarette box
  3. Flood lit the floor (between the pencils and pen)
  4. Created the blue light half circle on the pencils
  5. Lit myself – the “lower” left hand with the brush, then the right leg
  6. Lit myself – the “lower” right hand with the dermograph, then the left leg
  7. Shined light on my two arms with the same basketball
  8. My assistant “Thomas Mougeolle” lit my arms with a “light gun”
  9. Lit myself with two arms raised holding the big brushes
  10. My assistant lights the camera (while I cover my face)
  11. Lit my favorite “old school” tee shirt
  12. Drew a light graffiti “DIY” on my right side
  13. Drew a circle of small star around me
  14. Painted half a circle on the floor in front of me
  15. Painted my funny face
  16. Before stopping the exposure, flooded some blue light on the scene

If you are wondering, practice and actual shot took about 4 hours.

You can see more of Vincent’s awesome work here, and learn more about light painting here.