DIY homemade GaryFong Like Light Sphere

diy_lightsphere_01.jpgGary Fong has become a de-facto standard for speed light diffusion. The accessories made by Gary include the famous Lightsphere and lots of other small flash improvements.

I have tried to make some flash modifiers in the past, like a flash mounted softbox or an improvised beauty dish. Zond is following this approach with a Lightsphere solution.

Zond2 came up with a small and cheap flash application that mimics the lightsphere effect. The materials: A soda bottle, some foam cardboard and a starbucks latte cap.

I did not test this at home, but the concept looks really nice.

Zond was kind enough to share the process:

Start off with a cylinder cut from a 2 liter soda bottle


Place some foam paper on the back of the bottle and use a lid of a Dairy Queen MooLatte (O.K. Any other fine creamed beverage will do). Then use a foam board to create the bottom of the sphere. Cut it out a bit tighter then the shape of your flash.


This is how the interior looks like


And this is how it looks like assembled


And on flash.



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