DIY FlashBender

DIY Flash BendersIn this post reader Bob Jordan walks us through a DIY one-piece, strobe modifier, which is kinda like a FlashBender. Which in turn kinda remind me of the Honl system (which also has a Honl DIY version).

I am a big fan of the Honl speed strap system and have been using it along with my DIY straps and other additions for a long time. The high control along with the very light weight serve as an excellent on the go modifier system. While I have never tried the Bender, it looks like a worthy alternative. <switching to Jondan> I call it the Tiger-Lite. Lite…because it weighs about an ounce completely assembled, so you can easily use it on camera if you wish. I pattered this using a 580EXII which has a width of about 2.75″. It can be used on or for any flash. If your flash head is significantly wider or narrower however, you might wish to adjust the “spine” dimension.

Here is all you need to do it…


Cut 3 squares to the dimensions shown. The mesh cuts easily with sizzors. Staple a doubled over piece of mesh about 3″ high to act as a reinforced spine dead center at the bottom of the mesh square approximately the width of your flash head.


Start stapling. Try to stay close to the edge so you can cover the staples with electrical tape later.


Make 2 cuts 1.5″ from the bottom and about 4.25″ in (until you reach the spine).


Now tape and add velcro to strap…


Add snoot velcro…


Bend to any configuration you need or…


use as snoot…


…and there you have the Tiger-lite. Happy shooting!!!

  • Lillian-Lotus Buccola

    I love this because I can spend the same amount for one and get 3-4 out of it. Thanks guys!