DIY Doorway Dolly Presentation

Back in the days when blogs were just starting out, there were probably two DIY centric blogs for the creative industry. Your truly ran a small site called DIYP for stills-DIY and cheesycam ran a similarly oriented video site.

If was great to see that they are back at their origins today sharing a Doorway Dolly build. The idea behind a doorway dolly is that an operator can push and pull the dolly while a tripod or a photographer is standing on it. The nice thing about it is that you can operate it without tracks and still get tracking shots. The down side is that you need a super smooth floor (like a PVC floor) to get good shots.

cheesycam-doorway-dolly-01 cheesycam-doorway-dolly-02

So, Emm from Cheesycam took the challenge of building a doorway dolly made of a piece of wood and a scooter wheels and the design looks pretty promising. While the inherent downsides of running on a smooth surface remains, Cheesycam believes that using a stabilized lens or a stabilized Gimbal will easy overcome any jerkiness in flow.

You can catch the entire presentation as well as some thoughts and a parts list over at CheesyCam.