DIY Compositon Frame

DiY Composition FrameThis one’s is just a fun little trick, that you may find useful when you don’t have your camera around but still want to play photographer, or better yet, director.

It’s a DIY 35mm Cropper. that you can use to frame or to wear around tour neck to prove yourself as a true photo geek.

You could buy a fancy version over at ETSY, which is all nice and dandy and copper made, but you can make one your own using an old slide frame.

First, get some old positive slide. Those are getting more and more scarce, so you better hurry.

DiY Composition Frame

Remove the film frame and ready! You have just created a framework to help you compose a scene before taking a photo. Or you can just ware it around your neck.

DiY Composition Frame

Here comes the DIY part, Drill a hole and add a strap so you can take it everywhere. While it won’t take any pictures, it is quite addictive to use.

DiY Composition Frame

About The Author

Raymundo Panduro (Flickr) blogs in Spanish about experimental analog and digital photography. If you read Spanish or if you don’t mind using google translator give him a quick look, you’ll have a blast.