DIY Beauty Dish Fight At High Noon

DIY Beauty DishesHave you ever wondered what are the subtle differences between various home brewed beauty dishes?

Photographer Ed McGowan had just the same question in mind. He faced off two of the more popular DIY beauty dishes: on the left corner, wearing blue shorts at feather weight, the Turkey Pan beauty dish. On the right corner, enforced by the elements, wearing red, the Terra Cotta bowl beauty dish.

Winner after the jump.

DIY Beauty Dishes

There is no KO in this match. Lets count the points:

DIY Beauty Dishes

Light – You can look at the images above or pixel peep in a big file here. The pan has bigger reflection area, so I was kinda expecting a bit softer light, yet, for me they look pretty similar.

Weight – winner is turkey pan by points. Not that I think that there are big points in weight. If the strobe can carry the dish, it doesn’t really matter.

Sturdiness – big points go to Terra Cotta. It is build better and thus will travel better and will pay off the crafty after noon for a longer time

Looks – well, the pan dish kinda looks like a championship belt, but if clients are around, the Terra Cotta looks more pro.

And the winner by points, according to Ed is “Terra Cotta bowl more…mainly
because it looks better

What do you think? Which Beauty Dish do you like better? Sound off on the comments.

Featured comment by Lech: Terra Cotta rocks the pants off Turkey time!  The color cast is one aspect for sure, but beyond that, there’s a whole gallon of deep frying oil more highlight coming off the subject shot by the plant dish.  Her skin tones are warmer, the whites are whiter, and the complementary colors in the neckware really dance. More detail in shirt by a mile, and even look at the light in the jeans – much sweeter blues come out with the Terra.  To me, it’s totally hands down – Terra over Turkey.  I would consider amending your post even since after reading it, you didn’t do the comparison justice.