Disappointed With Your D600? Nikon Will Replace It To A New D610 For Free


It seems that Nikon is finally ending the fiasco they had with the D600 once and for all. As you may recall, the D600 suffered a terminal illness which caused dust (or oil) spots to accumulate on its sensor. At first Nikon denied, than offered a free repair, and finally they were ordered to stop selling the camera altogether and brought on the D610 which solved the issue.

If you spent $1,800 on this camera this must have been a frustrating 2 years for you. Now Nikon is ending this marketing disaster once and for all and doing it quite well (although pretty late).

People participating the D600 class action lawsuit got this letter (cited by Fred Miranda user danh920) that explains how to replace the camera with a brand new D610.

Procedure is not hard, but it seems limited to the persons who were in the initial lawsuit:

As a result of your involvement in the Nikon D600 camera lawsuit, Nikon has offered to immediately provide you with a new D610 camera in exchange for settling your individual claim.

In order to accept this settlement offer and receive a D610 you must complete the following steps:

1. Complete and sign the attached Qualifying Statement, Short Form Release, and Confidentiality Agreement.

2. Register your D600 camera at the following link: https://support.nikonusa.com/ci/documents/detail/5/144/12/33a9814ba32973bc88a6c149468e888c2cd1adf5

3. After registering your D600 camera, you will be prompted to create and print a pre-paid UPS Return Label and packing slip.

4. Pack your defective D600 camera, packing slip, and the original signed copy of your Qualifying Statement, Short Form Release, and Confidentiality Agreement in a box, and affix the UPS Return Label. Drop the box off at any UPS facility. (Visit https://www.ups.com/dropoff for hours and locations.) You may also arrange to have your shipment collected by a UPS driver.

5. Once Nikon receives your D600 and the required documents they will mail you a replacement D610 camera.

My thoughts are that Nikon could have saved themselves a lot of hassle if they addressed the issue like this right away.

[D600 Class Action Law Suit via nikonrumors]

  • http://twitter.com/Lvjohn John Kompare

    Any Nikon shooters? : Disappointed With Your D600? Nikon Will Replace It To A New D610 For Free – http://t.co/NVE0LQtpeY

  • johnny

    In fact, it’s the Chinese government who ordered Nikon to response to D600’s problem. The replacement plan started in China already.

  • http://twitter.com/NILPhotography NILPhotography

    *if you’re from the US and part of the law suite they’ll swap it. otherwise they might do if you’ve returned it enough times

  • https://www.facebook.com/NguyenBaoDuy Bao Duy Nguyen

    Nguyễn Quốc Tuấn

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  • https://www.facebook.com/cesar.gonzalez.798278 Cesar Gonzalez

    Jose Castillo

  • https://www.facebook.com/H.Lee55 Henry Rodgers

    Now if only they’d replace my D800 with a 810…

  • https://www.facebook.com/johncne John Desouza

    Got my d600 replaced with a new d610 some months ago due to the recurring oil spots issue.
    Had to send an email to the service manager stating all the facts with pictures and all the repair vouchers , then they agreed to replace.

  • Kirsty McLeod

    So if I’m not part of the lawsuit, but have just been soldiering on getting my sensor cleaned, am I scr***d? Or just plain out of luck?

    • Lynda Lu

      That’s my question too. They never even contacted me about the lawsuit. Is there any new lawsuit going on for the people that were not informed??

      • Kirsty McLeod

        Lynda – I sent my d600 back to nikon (uk) to get the sensor cleaned and they replaced the shutter mechanism… Everything ok so far… I recommend you look into that….

  • https://www.facebook.com/deepti.suddul Deepti Suddul

    Sebastien Villiard

  • https://www.facebook.com/sebastienvilliard Sebastien Villiard

    Did it

  • John carter

    what if i am not part of the lawsuit? can i still get replacement?

  • https://www.facebook.com/Jose.C84 Jose Castillo

    I was lucky and didn’t have much of an issue

  • https://www.facebook.com/andrew.sible Andrew Sible

    FYI, “terminal illness” is one you die from. The D600 didn’t die because of some dust and oil, in fact some users who have done D600/D610 swaps seem to think the D600 wasn’t so bad after a few cleanings.

    Just a thought, since it makes it sound much more dire than it is if you can swab your own sensor. Some people even prefer to keep the D600 because you get free sensor cleanings and even replacements I believe…which is nice.

  • Don Wood

    Nikon made a BRICK out
    of my D600 before the recall. I sent it to the knowing three was a dust problem
    and when they got it something happen which bricked it. Then to add insult to injury
    they sent me a repair bill for $1115.00 to fix it. What a cash racket! They
    brake working cameras and expect your customers to pay Nikon to fix them. BULL
    SHIT! Someone there should be arrested, charged and convicted for attempted
    extortion! After weeks of calling and escalating the issue, they finally
    replaced it with a D600 refurbished. That one has the dust and oil spots issue too. Soon
    I’ll be opening up a new case and hoping they will send me a D610.

  • Finn

    Nikon contacted me and offered repair. I gladly shipped off my camera and they basically gutted and replaced all the mechanical parts. The oil spots for me were a huge issue, now i have a fantastic camera….hopefully it stays that way!

  • Elena

    My d600 also had spots on all pictures. I contacted them and they said they will clean camera for no charge even though my warranty was over. I sent in my camera and got it back in a week. It was very fast and problem salved. Will the oil spots appear again later? Should I still get D610 from them, since I was involved in this …