IT Director By Day, Photographer By Night, John Wilhelm Gives His Daughters The Ride Of Their Lives

john-wilhelm-32You may think that John Wilhelm is your average IT director, but at night he wears his superphotographer cape and takes his three daughters on wild adventures. From his secret laptop desk cave in Switzerland, John takes photos of his three daughters – Lou, 5, Mila, 2, and Yuna, 6 months  – and composites them into scenes that will take your breath.

We asked John about his interaction with his daughters:

I think I have a pretty good emotional connection to my girls (also to the big one ;)). They can feel about how important this whole photo-stuff is for me and so they participate. I’m pretty motivated if an idea pops up in my head and I talk at a very early stage about it with my kids so they are prepared. Usually they say: No shooting today but perhaps tomorrow… it’s some sort of a game.

Easy shootings are the one during which the girls can wear cool, funny or princess-like clothes. Yes they’re girls . If it’s getting a little difficult (that means if a shooting takes longer than 2 minutes (and that’s no joke it has to go very fast) I admit I sometimes bait them with sweets or perhaps a few minutes of cartoon-watching on my iPad.

john-wilhelm-34And about how they reacted to the final compositions: They like the final images but there’s no wow’s and awesome’s coming from them. They’re just too small to get it really what it’s all about.

Finally, we were surprised at John’s answer as to why wild life are featured so prominently on his work: Yep. There is. I was working for 11 years in a National Parc in Africa and for 2 years on a penguin-station on the South Pole….No just joking. I just love animals. I grew up in a family with many many pets. We had a little zoo at home.

john-wilhelm-25If you were wondering about what gear John uses, his main tool are the Sony Alpha a7R, a Wacom Cintiq, and a set of Elinchrom Quadra Hybrid. There is a fuller list over at inMyBag. Though I have a feeling this work has nothing to do with gear.

john-wilhelm-38His is some more of John’s work, you get get the full experience over at his website of on his 500px stream.

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    I liked all of the photos, except the one with the tentacle monster.
    I’ve seen enough anime, to know, that not very good way to photograph own daughter.

  • Bokeh Monk

    I saw him featured on ‘’, brilliant!. Now THIS is the guy who should be submitting photoshop “how-to’s” for this and other sites!

  • Joe

    All been done before

    • John Wilhelm

      Please send me the links I’d really like to become acquainted to the originals :)

  • gt50

    I am an average IT Director with no photoshop skills. Getting beyond the basics have been on my todo list. My son is only two, so I have a few years to get this right before he no longer wants to entertain me.

  • LSG

    Your work is brilliant and also a great way to bond with your daughter :) Cheers! :)

  • Brian

    Wonderful works of art!

  • ziplock9000

    I see 1% photography, 99% graphic design.

  • abbieee

    these are great!