DHL Ships a Nikon Charger in The Most Comically Ridiculous Manner

Typically, when packages are shipped internationally through DHL, they’re put on large wooden pallets so that they stay separated from other larger packages that might crush them along the way. They’re one of the reasons international shipping costs you so much. Here’s a video of a pretty unusual scenario; This camera store got a Nikon battery charger – the NH65 – shipped via DHL. When they receive the package, it comes with an entire pallet, loaded with a big box, with the  1 pound, 2″ by 2″ by 7″ product  box taped inside. Looks like DHL might have forgotten to take off the extra box and pallet at some point. 

Here is a picture of the charger from Nikon to verify the size  and to get things in proportions….


Living in America I don’t really know much about DHL except that they’re a shipping company like UPS or FedEx, nostly used for international shipping. If you look them up reviews are quite mixed.  But at least for this situation, that incompetency proved to help make one hilarious delivery.

[Via Reddit]

  • Rahat Iram

    DHL must be looking at charger thru a macro lens and then changed to tele zoom while packaging ;p

    • Mac29

      DHL is just the delivery carrier. The SHIPPER packed the charger. DHL moved what they were given to move.

  • Georg Werner

    I finally understand the fees for International Shipping 😉

  • Kurtis Martin

    Likely the company that sold the charger packed it this way. Courier services ship what they’re given. They don’t pack anything.

  • Just Me

    Well – gotta’ give it to them. Nothing, I mean NOTHING will damage this sucker! That’s quality shipping right there! Good thing you didn’t order a micro SD card – whoa!

  • Barastan

    Having worked for DHL (or DH Hell as we used to call it.) I’d say shipping it like that probably saved that part from being really damaged.

    Most nights we loaded the truck by seeing who could throw the packages the furthest. The amount of fragile stickers on it was directly proportional to how hard the package was thrown. If you tried to load a truck like a human being, the floor super would shit down your back for taking too much time.

  • Michael Dunmire

    Free pallet with every order.

  • estebam

    Situation for Germany:
    I wish DHL would do the packaging like this everytime… Since the age of online shopping no package arrives unharmed. I think they have two types of people doing the job: delivery morons without life perspective for normal customers and highly specialized package carriers for business customers … It’s sad.
    I choose Hermes Delivery over DHL every time I get the chance..

  • Ken Tam


  • Rob Morris

    Yeah, I worked for DHL for 4 years – and they have problems, LOTS of problems… But DHL doesnt pack ANYTHING – they simply ship what they are given. This ridiculous example wasnt DHL’s fault, it was the sellers.

  • Andrew Sible


  • Stacy

    DHL always (really ”always”, no exception) charge extra fees when receiving the package that I do not have with other international shipping company. I wish we could always choose the delivery service so I could be sure it would never be DHL. Worst shipping company ever