Devin Graham Speaks About Fighting For Your Passion

Devin Graham who some of you may know as Devin Supertramp from his youtube channel is one of those things that could never exist before the internet.

What does he do? He makes videos. Awesome, wonderful, inspiring, breathtaking videos. Devin is one of those things (sorry for calling you a thing, Devin) that could have never existed before the nets and social media rose.

Devin Graham Speaks About Fighting For Your Passion

A huge amount of effort goes into each of his videos and it shows. A few years back he could have done those very same videos, but no one will may have noticed. But as the way with the nets, Devin’s effort slowly paid off with over 269,258 youtube subscribers contributing a staggering 20 million or so views.

Kinda like those internet meme‘s or the study by ISPWP which shows how much works goes into photography which is not partying with models, Devin breaks down the effort of what it takes to release an awesome video after awesome video.

Here are a couple of quotes from the video that resonated with me:

…what really comes down to just being willing to work when no one else is going to work so when you were quote unquote competition is sleeping you’re up working

…[what] keeps me in business is you have to be willing to get the shots that no one else will fight for that no one else will be willing to do.

If you wanna be getting Devin’s videos you can subscribe here.

[image on top from Devin’s ongoing Lindsey Stirling medieval video project shot over 4 (real, not CGIed) seasons]

  • lior

    wow man, that’s a very inspirational video !
    been following you for a while. love your work!

  • Benjamin Von Wong

    thanks for this. sounds pretty similar to my latest blog post 😀

  • Mister Nasty Clamps

    Udi: Devin’s a cool, cool dude. I met him at the recent NAB convention, and he was just the absolute nicest guy imaginable: chatty, friendly, and more than happy to talk about his work (both from an artistic standpoint and a technical standpoint).

    Just an idea…. Get Devin and Benjamin Von Wong together on some collaborative project. The results would be absolutely mind-blowing.