Dear Electricity & Gas Providers…

Dear Electricity & Gas Providers,

Dear Electricity & Gas Providers

I’m writing to you because I’ve been given your name by a mutual friend / saw your stuff and really loved it. I’m currently looking for someone to heat and light my house, and was wondering if you’d be interested in doing it?

Unfortunately, there is no pay at this time, but it’s a great opportunity to get in on the ground floor as in the future I hope to be heating and lighting ever-bigger houses. It’s also a great chance to showcase your work to the sorts of demi-celebrities I spend much of my life with.

You’d be boiling the tea for Darren Strange who was in Parents on Sky1. You’d be powering the phone calls I make to all sorts of household name comedians, all of whom would be exposed to your work that way. You’d be powering tweets that are occasionally retweeted by Josie Long and Mark Thomas!

While I understand the remuneration might not be quite what you’re hoping for, I hope you’ll be excited by the opportunity to be a part of the incredible project that is my household. It’s going to be huge!

I can also offer you drinks if you’re ever in town, and tickets to an exclusive viewing of the work you do in our house next time you come to check the meter.

I know you’ll be as excited by this as I am!


Nathaniel Tapley

A Word From The Editor

Daniel is hilariously talented comedian (check his youtube channel). Amazingly, he is not a photographer.

About The Author

Nathaniel Tapley is an award-winning comedy writer-performer. You can check out more of his witty writing here, and follow him on facebook here. This post was originally posted here.

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  • Rick

    Dear Editor:

    Enough with this subject. It has been beaten to death on this forum recently and has nothing to do with DIY photography or creative photography in any way.

    • udi tirosh

      Hi Rick, we are passionate about free labor when it comes in exploiting ways. I think this post gives a fresh view on it and is worth sharing.

      • ikke

        It should be the choice of the photographer and of no one else! It makes nor steals jobs. Even though people think/hope different. Please move on.

      • Chris

        We have very different definitions of fresh then. Variations of this theme have been around for years (*insert other profession*)

      • Rick

        Udi, does not this website sustain itself off the free labor of others?Sure… but you could argue that these people chose to be exploited by submitting material. The reality is that anyone who gets exploited by working for free has chosen to do so.

        But this has nothing to do with my original comment. I come to this site because it is such a positive, creative environment. This however is b*tchfest material and b*tchfest material can really bring down a positive, creative environment.

  • Deacon Blues

    Okay. We get it. Really, we do.

    The whole “don’t work for free (or so-called ‘exposure’)” thing has been a major theme lately and WE GET IT. Stop pulling out new metaphers to tell the same story again and again.

  • Rob Gordon

    I’m going to have to agree with some of the other comments. I am removing this feed.

  • Doug Birling

    I would argue that if you frequent this site, chances are you are not regularly getting paid for your work, I do, and I am not, but the few times I have done for pay work, I would not be using some of the hacked together stuff from this site. A small bracket or holder maybe, but a complete PVC Studio or a lego camera does not instill confidence in a client. Especially when many of the items I see built here can be bought. So who is your audience? Maybe I’m wrong buy DIY does not equal pro, and if you are not at a pro level, than don’t expect to get paid. Honestly I like the DIY nature of the site, and it is funny letter, but like others not why I stopped by.