D3A – Prize #5

d3aThis is the last prize announcement of the DIYPhotography 3rd Anniversary (D3A) Contest.

I know many readers of this blog are strobists by heart, and would never use a flash bigger than a shoe sized 11.

Many do this because they want to keep portable, spontaneous, not give up the ability to shot outdoors. This is your chance to explore something new.  Read more to find out what Tronix are adding to the mix of cool prizes.

Tronix were kind enough to sponsor an Explorer XT unit. The XT is just the kind of thing that you would like on an outdoor shoot. The XT can support two studio flashes with combined rating of up to 2400W/S. Not bad.

Explorer XT

I had a chance to play with the XT, and I must say that it is a great companion for places where electricity is scarce. (And now with rising fuel prices, that’s just about anywhere).

Just so you know what a great product the XT is, I am including some of technical details:

Power and reliability

  • 1200 watts peak power, recommended up to 2400 ws
  • provides clean sine wave from a 24v source
  • efficient circuit design that generates almost a thousand full power pops
  • for 300 ws flash units

Flexibility and mobility

  • auto volt / global charging feature (100v – 240v)
  • 14v car battery charger and auxiliary battery port for 24v external battery
  • pack
  • added mobility with the optional tronix explorer bag
  • it can also be used for powering battery chargers, laptops, printers, etc.

Safe and easy to use

  • plug and play
  • battery power and charging indicators
  • short circuit switch over from battery to external battery pack

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