D3A – Prize #4

d3aAs you may know, I really dig the creative minds over at Lensbaby. They are right on the mark when it comes to adding some creativity in your images. All you have to do is to let go on all those fancy multi-matrix-focus-technology, and you gain access to instant tap of creativity. This is why I was so glad when the nice people of Lensbaby decided to join as sponsors for D3A. Read more after the jump.

Lensbaby is the kind of firm that makes you go WOW. My first encounter with them was a long long time ago, when a fellow photographer, pulled a weird looking glass out of his pocket and started bending it in each and every direction. The results were amazing. Full creative control.

Lensbaby have evolved a great deal from then – my guess is they simply listen to their customers and give them what they want – and created two new models. 

d3a - composer

For D3A – Lensbaby will sponsor one Lensbaby composer tiltish/shiftish lens – their latest model (valued at 270 $). (It is not really a tilt shift lens, as it has a curved field of focus) I had the chance to play with this lens. It Rocks!

If you’ve ever played with any of the lensbabies, you’re bound to love the smooth focus control, and the no auto focus, no zoom approach. OK, just the smooth focus control.

The Composer fits almost all DSLRs on the market, however, the winner will need to specify the mount system when claiming the prize.

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