D3A – Fourth runner Up Prize Announcement

d3aHere we go with the prize for the fourth runner up of our D3A Photo Contest.

So, have you ever wondered what would it be like if you could point your strobe in two directions at once?

I know I have. Luckily for us the good people at PRESSLite have chipped in for D3A with a device that allows you to do just this. Read on to find out more on this magical prize.

I’ve been in touch with the people of PRESSLite for a long time now. We’ve started chatting when all they had was a cool concept and a flash demo – now when I say flash demo I mean the web-application-flash, not the light-creating-device-flash. When they first told me that they have a product that can split your flash light beam into two, I thought it was a great idea, however, the world was skeptic.

Then came the PRESSLite VerteX. The PRESSLite VerteX features a two mirror set that allows you to split the flash beam and individually control each half-beam.

PRESSLite VerteX 

The nice thing about this prize is that the good people over at PRESSLite are giving away 2 (YES TWO!) PRESSLite VerteX sets (valued at 99.9$). This means you can "double" two of your flashes into 4 separate controllable flash beams. 

Here are some of the cool features of the PRESSLite VerteX:

Multi-Dimensional Lighting
Now you can sculpture light, in multiple dimensions, blending diffused
and non-diffused illuminations from different directions. The VerteX™
can project multiple, discrete, steerable light sources from a single
flash. This opens up an entirely new set of options and strategies for
creative lighting that were never before possible.

Target Bouncing
Target your bounce and project light exactly where you want it. The
VerteX™ allows you to direct powerful specular light onto multiple
surfaces for the ultimate bounce. Perhaps even more importantly, the
VerteX™ allows you to “steer away” from undesirable surfaces!

Thumb-Shift Ratio Control
There’s no faster way to faithfully change the bounce-to-fill ratio
than this thumb-shift mechanism. All you need to do is use the VerteX™
thumb-shift, with your one free hand.

Multi-Purpose Panels
Each VerteX™ panel has two sides. One side diffuses light, while the
other projects specular light, for the ultimate bounce. The VerteX™
panels can be used either one or two at a time. They are adjustable,
detachable and interchangeable, with just one hand. These panels can
also function as “blinders,” to control light spills.

Expanded Available Angles
Swivel heads are designed specifically to bounce light from various
angles. But this does not always include the particular angle you need
at a given moment. Combining the agility of the VerteX™, together with
your existing flash unit, virtually all angles become available.

Entering the D3A contest is simple, read the rules at D3A contest page.

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