D3A – Fifth Prize Announcement

d3aAs promised in the D3A Photo Contest introduction post, I am going to count down the five D3A contest prizes in individual posts.

Here we go. The first prize announcement that I am going to make is for the fifth runner up. Prize is tightly coupled with lighting and DIY and is provided courtesy of Photogels.com.

The fifth place winner will receive an Ultimate Combo Pack for 3 Flashes (valued at 48.60$). This is not all, the winner will also receive 2 2×5" Polarizer Gel sheets (valued at 10$). Read on for full prize details.

The Ultimate Combo Pack includes a ton of flash goodies. Ranging from "Strobist Correction Gels" to art inspiring gels, this pack has it all. It also comes with Velcro for easy flash attachment. And the nice thing: you get all those gels tripled. Gels tripled. Gels tripled.

D3A - Photogels

Here is what the winner gets in this prize (tripled):

Color Correction Gels:
Full CTO (converts 5500K to 2900K)
1/2 CTO (converts 5500K to 3800K)
1/4 CTO (converts 5500K to 4500K)
Full CTB (converts 5500K to 7800K)
1/2 CTB (converts 5500K to 6400K)
1/4 CTB (converts 5500K to 5800K)
Full Plusgreen (converts 5500K to roughly match fluorescent)
1/2 Plusgreen (converts 5500K to roughly match fluorescent)
1/4 Plusgreen (converts 5500K to roughly match fluorescent)

Special Effect Gels:
1/2 Stop Neutral Density
1 Stop Neutral Density
2 Stop Neutral Density
Primary Green
Light Blue
Dark Blue

Velcro Adhesive for 3 flashes

The winner will also get two sheets of Polarizer gel – pre-cut to 2×5", with 2 Velcro dots to stick on the ends to attach the gel to your flash. 

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