D3A – 4th Place Winner

d3aThis is something that always amazes me. How a photograph can change even the simplest of every day objects.

An image of a simple object done well can ignite several threads on the viewer’s mind. Things that can range from "What is this?" / "Is this what I think it is?", through "That’s an interesting take on life" and for us photographers sometimes even "Darn! I see this everyday, I wish I’d thought about this before" "Man, That totally original! Chapeau!"

Read on to see the actual picture and hear the judges’ decision.

connectionThis is the second image on D3A that deals with an everyday object. Trust me. The cable is no fake :).mr.beaver‘s stream is full of images that break up the usual, so in that sense this image is no different and goes well with his personal style.

Weirdly enough, another thing that got my attention is the complete cold shoulder this image won on flickr. Dudes, he really deserves some comments on this one.

Here’s what Chase had to say

Powerful still life with lovely great, contrasty range…dialing up pure blacks all the way to blown white. Love it. Simple, elegant. Reminds me of a Christopher Griffith image or a b+w image styled from the 60s, with a heavy brush stroke. Industrial goodness.

Here’s what I had to say

This "everyday" image is exactly the kind of image that makes you go hmmmmm. Or at least makes me. Strong composition and carefully selected DOF convert this cable into a piece of art. I found that the symmetry and pattern just can not be ignored. And the small imperfections of the cable throw you into a Zen state of mind. On the technical side great practice of family of angles, and a ton of DIY gear.

Beaver – dont be shy, show us that gear you make.

Beaver, you get 4th pick for one of the prizes. If you could place a comment on your image with your prize of preference it would help us speed up the process of winners/sponsors match making.

Thanks again for the great prizes and sponsors of D3A – you made this happen:

ExplorerXT external battery pack courtesy of innovatronix

Lensbaby Composer lens courtesy of Lensbaby

Universal Photo Timer Kit (UPT_KIT1A) courtesy of Universal Photo Timer

– 2 (YES TWO!) PRESSLite VerteX sets courtesy of PRESSLite

Ultimate Combo Pack for 3 Flashes courtesy of PhotoGels

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