D3A – 3rd Place Winner


There are images you see and immediately fall in love with. This was the case with this one. It was selected for the pool a while back since it is a bit different from all the sound trigger images we usually see.

Let me quote some of the comments you had on this one:





Ok, you get the point.

Read on to see the actual picture and hear the judges’ decision.

I hate Kool-aideIt is hard to execute a well crafted sound trigger image. 

All too often one finds themselves so obsessed with the technology and concept that originality is left aside. This is all but true for this one.

With careful lighting, great coloring and a flash pop at the precise second this image bring back some self and concept into the world of milk drops in a glass. Now don’t get me wrong even the milk drop in a glass is not a trivial image, but it is probably the first thing one shoots when they get a sound trigger. This one by liquid in plastic is a bit different, thought, lighting and (I’m guessing) tons of glassware put in t get the shot. An image left and an image right on the stream will prove my point.

Here’s what Chase had to say

Selected on the virtue of fun concept and solid execution on the breaking glass. Love that the base of the glass is just creeping up off the table. Some room for improvement on the composition, but ultimately the concept and timing on the glass break trumps its shortcomings. Certainly belongs in the winning group.

Here’s what I had to say

With a combination of the perfect moment, vivid color and silhouette this image shows a great concept. The freeze of the moment makes me here the shuttered glass as I look. Love the black silhouetted hammer against the green glass.

Liquid, you get 3rd pick for one of the prizes. If you could
place a comment on your image with your prize of preference it would
help us speed up the process of winners/sponsors match making.

Thanks again for the great prizes and sponsors of D3A – you made this happen:

ExplorerXT external battery pack courtesy of innovatronix

Lensbaby Composer lens courtesy of Lensbaby

Universal Photo Timer Kit (UPT_KIT1A) courtesy of Universal Photo Timer

– 2 (YES TWO!) PRESSLite VerteX sets courtesy of PRESSLite

Ultimate Combo Pack for 3 Flashes courtesy of PhotoGels

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