Crowdfunding A Sunset Timelapse

Here is an interesting concept, crowdfunding a sunset timelpase. Artist Jasper Elings created this one minute video of a sunset using pictures he found on Google Images.

With the location of the sun and shore line remaining the same, the effect is that of a setting sun with alternating backgrounds.

We have featured croudsourced photography before, but never to the extent of using photographs from (almost) unknown sources.

Thanks for the tip, Etai.

[Sharing a beautiful sunset | Jasper Elings]

  • Linuxito

    This reminds me “A Clockwork Orange”

  • Jayson Carey

    not crowdfunding, just crowdsourced. still cool.

  • LizG

    So you don’t have a problem with someone ripping images from Google, and using without the owners permission. I expected a lot better from DYIphotography. :(

  • Michael Andrew Broughton

    imagine the massive pay day a copyright lawyer could have if he googled each of the images used and got a bunch of the copyright holders together to sue this guy.