Cross-Sectioned Fireworks Shows That They Are Simpler Than You’ve Thought


Earlier this month was United States Independence day which means lots and lots of fireworks. For the rest of us who are fireworks-challenged, photographer Andrew Waits provides some insights on how those flowers of fire are built.

Seattle-based Andrew created Boom City – a photo series of cross-sectioned fireworks showing their interiors against a black background.

For me it was a surprise that most of those crackers were actually quite simple – a fuse, a charge and some powder.

boom-city-01 boom-city-13 boom-city-12 boom-city-11 boom-city-10 boom-city-09 boom-city-08 boom-city-07 boom-city-06 boom-city-04 boom-city-03 boom-city-02

[Boom City | Andrew Waits | h/t Simon E.]

  • Ohio

    Nice if you said what each is, I know most, and some are incomplete.

    • ext237

      OR … you could click on the link and read the interesting post that Udi is bringing to our attention.

  • ext237

    Trying to imagine being the guy with an X-acto knife, slowly slicing these open, hoping they don’t spark and sever a finger! A very clever and well done series.