Creating Smoke Effect In Light Painting

Creating Smoke Effect In Light Painting

One of the nice and less common effect we see in light painting is smoke effect. Despite of its relative rareness it is requite easy to make as light painter Wen-Jié Yang demonstrates in the video below.

As always with Wen-Jie, this is a fast paced, French speaking clip, but well worth going through the subtitles..

Two quick comments:

1. What Wen-Jie refers to as Neon-Flexible (which is actually the smoke making wonder) is sometimes knows in more “American” English as EL-Wire,  so if you are looking in amazon or other on line US stores try looking for EL-Wire.

2. Wen-Jie is using a stencil to “stamp” the snowflakes into the scene. If you wanna know how to make those, check out this light stencil tutorial, or this light stencil video.

For more of Wen-Jie work, visit his website or Facebook page.