Creating A Video Setup With Homedepot Lights

If you are looking at video productions it is often seems that there are big lights, big setups and big budgets involved. Surprisingly, this is not always the case.

Pye from SLRlounge just released a behind the scenes video for his latest production, a video for kickstarter presentation of the One camera bag system (kinda cool bag regardless of the video).

Pye used (almost) nothing but Homedepot lights to create the entire setup. Here is the video below (the resulting product intro video is after the jump)

And the final video

ONE | Behind the Scenes – Setting Up the Set and Lighting on SLRlounge

  • Robert Lowdon

    One thing you can do as well is find some used PAR Lights (stage lights) at music shop. They work great. For $30 I got three which push out 1000/watts each.