Create Wonderful Worlds Using Soap Bubbles

Bubble planet (by Steve Hermitage)Mrs. H. should have known better than to push Steve Hermitage (Flickr) into doing the dishes.

What started out as an innocent dish washing exercise ended as a lab for shooting tiny worlds of soap, and revenge taken against a Tia Maria glass.

This is just too good of a project not to share. It is a ton of fun and the setup is very simple as Steve explains in his setup shot (after the jump).

Bubble set up (by Steve Hermitage)All you need is some soap, a glass of water a softbox and something black for background. Steve used a Tia Maria glass, but I think he was just settling the score over the doing-the-dishes thing.

There are some great tips on how to make this setup work well. Some on lighting (like mind the house lights to avoid hotspots) and some on ways to avoid drinking soap. Click the image full explanation.

If you are going ahead and doing this project, it would be great if you posted the results (with some explanations or links) to DIYP Flickr pool.

Two more things:

1. If you don’t have a softbox yet, don’t run and buy one. You can make a great weekend project building a softbox yourself.

2. While you are looking at the bubbles setup and intro you may want to browse around Steve’s stream, it is packed with ideas, setup shots and beautiful art.