Create Huge Black And White Prints On The Cheap

Here is something fun to try if you are looking for some room decoration. Stapes offers large huge black and white engineering prints that you can frame (or not) into cool art.

Create Huge Black And White Prints On The Cheap

While traditionally engineering prints are used for.. em… well… engineering plans, a strong contrasty B&W image will print pretty well and if framed right (or not) can make for a cool wall poster. And starting at $1.79 for a 18″x24 print over at Staples it is a sweet deal. (and a gigantic 36″x48″ will set you back a full $7.29)

This is how Catherine Davis of Design Editor describes it:

“This photo enlargement cost me $3.29

I got my printing done at Staples and asked for an engineering print. (I burned the image onto a CD and took it into the store.) It’s low quality imaging on super thin paper, but I have zero complaints. It did cost less than a Starbucks run…” #

Catherine also offers two vintage camera files for download, a Brownie and a Seagull.

Thanks for the head up, Tammy.

[CRAFTS | Cheap Photo Enlargements + Free Downloads via How About Orange].