Create An Uber Cheap Car Rig For Out Of Car POV Photographs

driving car with camera car mountUK based photographer Ian Cornwell needed to take some pictures from the outside of a driving car for a an emergency plumbing service.

it sounds simple, till you factor in the low angle and wide lens. This makes sticking your head out the window and leaning over a really bad options.

It’s time for a car rig.

Instead of going for one of the high end car rigs, or even our DIYP’s poorman’s rig, Ian came up with a clever concept involving three pieces of gear: an industrial suction cup; a super clamp and a ball head.

The suction cup is the kind used for fixing car dents or carrying glazing. They are less than $10 on amazon – and I am talking the kind that rates for 60 kilos.

It is not surprising that it can carry the measly kilo and change of a Canon 350d, an uber cheap Samyang 8mm FE lens, the ball head and the super clamp. According to the cup formal spec, it would carry a full weight MKII and a 24-70 2.8. If you ever tried anything like that, say something in the comments.

Car Rig

The picture is kinda self explanatory, yet there are a few tips to note:

  • Make sure you mount the suction cups on a clean, flat, smooth surface.
  • At least for the shot above, Ian used a secondary tether with the camera strap. If the suction cup failed, that tether would save it from hitting the highway.
  • For better grip, moist the suction cup just a bit. (I heard that licking the cup provides just enough moisture + adding good luck and karma points).