Crazy Small-Planet Video composed with 6 GoPro Cameras

About two years ago the web was sweat with the latest panoramic trend – small planet panoramas (AKA spherical panorama). It was only a matter of time until someone got the clevers to elevate this into the next stage: Small Planet Time Lapse Video.

Photographer Jonas Ginter used a 3d printed a 3d device that allows him to capture photos from 6 different GoPros simultaneously and then combined the footage in post to create a movie of the same effect:


This is how Jonas describes the gizmo:

Luckily GoPro cameras covered with ​​fisheye lenses have a decent viewing angle. So you only need six cameras to record horizontally 360 ° and vertically 180°.  Provided that you point the camera in a precise way. The closer the lenses are to each other and the more overlap in image they produce the better the result. I have unsuccessfully experimented with rubber bands, cable ties, wood and polystyrene. It was only with the construction of a support device which was 3D printed, everything worked well enough. I used this template as a base and modified it. without the help form Hacker Space Bremen  and especially without Andree’s  and Michael’s involvement, this would never have been possible. Thank you!

[360° Video using 6 GoPro Cameras – spherical panorama timelapse via thefabgeo]

  • Adan Ramirez


  • Azik Guseynov

    Very nice

  • Reiner U.

    Incredible! Sphere quality seems to be much better than Google Streetview although done with a homegrown device!

    • ziplock9000

      Your comparing a very very short piece of hand crafted video to a street map of the entire planet!.. Apples and Oranges.

      • Scott

        You misspelled “you’re”.


        • ziplock9000

          True, but pointing that out is quite pathetic.

  • Mitch

    This is great – does anyone know what software you would need to render this?

  • batmobil

    Well, I see a lot of issues with this. First of all syncing videos. The shutters will be out of sync, and high speed footage will cause when stitched together. Second, go pro’s are not as producing identical images. There will be slight variation in color tone and brightness. It will work, but the results wont have high quality without a lot of post processing.