Controllable Smoke Makes a Huge Cleaning Tab


A few days ago, Benjamin Von Wong (flickr) posted a photograph called rejection to his photostream. It was quite an extra ordinary piece of work in my mind.

There was a small bit of info in the captions that caught my eyes: “The Behind the Scenes is actually ready… Eva is just waiting for me to finish up the edits

I guess Eva is done waiting, because f-stoppers just posted the very cool behind the scenes on this one.

The big takeaway for me from that one is that you can use flour instead of smoke if you are ready to pay the cleaning effort.

The story that the shoot unfolds is posted as a story board over at behance. Check it out for more of this awesomeness and a passion backstory.

  • John Smith

    LOVE this photo 😀

  • Iain Mack

    Does it get on the camera? I’ve seen rental shops insist that their lens aren’t used in paint carnivals as it gets inside. Flour is about the same consistency. I’d hate to ruin my brand new L series lens.
    Excellent images though. :)