Control Your Camera From 150ft Using A Garage Door Opener


If you are doing any extensive light painting work, especially if you are doing it alone, you know that one of the more annoying things about it is triggering your camera.

You could always use the timer, or the intervalometer, but for more complex stuff timing of both the camera and starting the tools becomes harder and harder.

Some cameras have an infra red remote, but the distance is pretty limited.

Sawo of Enlightpaintment came up with a pretty neat solution, they use a garage door opener remote from eBay with Canon’s 2.5 mm trigger jack to create a 150ft camera remote that is capable of both focusing and triggering. See the tutorial after the jump.

This DIYed remote allows Sawo to create some unique work which requires operating the camera from a distance. And while the tutorial is dedicated to Canon Dxx line, Sawo suggests that it should work for other cameras as well if you map the pins correctly.


Thanks for the tip, Vincent