Clever Way To Store Multiple Seamless Paper Backdrops

One of the more annoying things to store is seamless paper backdrops. They are big, bulky and you can’t lay them on the flow because they will collapse over their own weight and great folds. This means that the best way to store a seamless paper is vertically.

Clever Way To Store Multiple Seamless Paper Backdrops

If you have a long wall that is unused (as no studios probably have), you can stick em on the wall with something like this foam system. Here is a much cooler way tough.

Photographer Rob Grimm made a rope and dowel system that can store a few dozens of backdrops in a neat and orderly fashion. Check out his video below.

[The Best Way to Store Your Photography Seamless Paper | Rob Grimm via ISO1200]

  • CL

    Need a really high ceiling though. Something that I don’t have =(

    • Aleksandar

      I have same problem in my house where i plan to setup my backdrops, so i come up with the idea of using window curtains roller mechanism, and put the backdrops on ceiling. That way i would have plenty of space to move around and it will use almost no space. The roller mechanism is great because when i need backdrop i just roll it down and use it, when im finished i just roll it back on ceiling. btw this is curtain roller mechanism

  • $48565746

    Exactly how those huge maps were stored at my old school.

  • Mimsy

    Hi, Your video sped up right when I needed to see how you threaded the rolls onto the ropes. But then I figured you must turn the supports vertical until the roll is all the way on. One more thing– your caption spells dowel as doll. Anyway, thanks for showing how you did this.

  • Lyle

    Wood doll? I think you mean “wood dowel”.
    Good idea.