A Clever Way Of Mounting A GoPro To A Car

If you want to rig a big camera to a car, you need quite a bit of building to do so. But if all you want is to mount a small GoPro, here is a clever mounting way courtesy of Chadman108.

A Clever Way Of Mounting A GoPro To A Car

The mechanism is based on a tripod and three suction plates (pretty similar to Cineskates’ CineSquid only with a tripod).

After removing a tripod’s spike’s they are replaced with mini ballheads attached to the mentioned suction plates via aluminum stock. The combination of variable length legs along with flexible-angled vacuum plates allows the tripod to rest in various positions covering almost any desired coverage of the car.

A Clever Way Of Mounting A GoPro To A Car

Here are two videos taken with the rig. One of “regular” overhead footage, and one pointing at the wheel of WRX while it Gravel launches @ 120fps.

[GoPro Car Rig via DIYTripods]

  • Greg_Nuspel

    Another good source of suction cups is http://www.mytoolstore.com/woods/mounts.html they have several sizes just in case you want to try this with your Red.

  • Derek Gaston

    Nice idea! Thanks for the post!

  • joe_average

    cool! but don’t forget a safety tether in case the suction cups fail :O

  • Ralph Hightower

    Watch out for that mail box! What? On, never mind.