This Clever Stop Motion Movie Was Made Entirely With Google Glass

Whether you are an advocate or an opponent of Google glass you can not ignore the fact that it brings some creative potential to the table.

Catch a stop motion movie made with over 1,000 photographs taken with Google glass  was TU+, Namroc, Freddy & Isam Prado over the course of 4 days.

The movie follows a lipstick phone number left to a guy at a bar as it moves in space. (really, you probably need to see it to understand).

With the media busy with the social implications of Google glass, it is simply enjoying to see someone uses it as a creative tool.

[CATCH : A Handimation through Glass via mashable | Ben von wong]

  • Jim Johnson

    I was actually rather dubious, but that really was clever.

    And I can see how Google Glass actually made it work better, not just a gimmick.