City Rising Shows The Beauty Of Toronto And Offers Some Interesting Thoughts On Timelapsing

It is hard to believe that photographer Tom Ryaboi only picked up time lapsing about a year before delivering City Rising – a beautiful time lapse of the city of Toronto.

City Rising Shows The Beauty Of Toronto And Offers Some Thoughts On Timelapsing

Aside being astoundingly beautiful, the movie conquers some of the greatest challenges of time lapse photography including the holy grail of day-dight sequences. But Tom, the photographer, also offers a bit of philosophy on timelapsing rather than talking about techniques, apertures and sliders. (Standard time lapse watching rules apply: full screen volume dialed all the way and hands off the keyboard).

Hit the jump both for the beautiful timelapse and some interesting thoughts about the real difficulties of shooting a timelapse.

“Over and above all the technical challenges — motion control gear, constantly changing light, aperture flicker — shooting a timelapse forces you to look inside: after setting up your shot, there’s often not much you can do for hours, but sit up there and ponder while the camera does it’s thing. The relationship between the cold glass, steel and concrete below coupled with the often majestic clouds, sky and sun/moon never ceases to be a source of wonder. And so the purpose of what you’re doing becomes a frequent question in your mind.”#

[City Rising (Toronto Timelapse) | Tom Ryaboi]