Chase + Snow + Good Music = New Book

When I was in summer camp we used to have an evening routine. Each time one of the campers had a birthday, the chief councilor would step up to the mic at dinner time and say: "Every day is special here at ILTC, but today is a very, very special day for Daniel B.". This meant that it was Daniel B.’s birthday and that after a bit of prancing and jumping around the room, he "treated" everybody for a cake. Now, since it was summer camp, it was always the same "mass deployment" chocolate cake. But we were kids and loved it. For me it was those cakes that made dinner that much more fun.

So, let me try something here: Every day is a special day at DIYP, but today is a very, very special day for Chase Jarvis.

Nope, it is not his birthday, but his book’s birthday. That’s right. Chase is out with a new (and first) book called Stevens Pass. And nope there is no cake, there’s a much better treat – a Chase Jarvis Frames video about the book making (if it does not show on your RSS reader click here).

Now this is what I like about Chase. He’ll give you that fabulous book that will make your eyes go out of there holes. BUT, he will also so you the hard work and all the images that did not get in the book so you’ll know this is hard work.

If you’ve ever wondered if it is difficult to shoot from a helicopter check out the frames where the rotor shows. Now, how in the world can you time that rotor to be out of the frame?!?

You can order the book here, and get it signed for no extra charge by Chase. There are only 2,500 copies so you have to be quick if you want one for yourself.

Praise for Stevens Pass:

"Chase’s images have always had that certain intangible quality that set them apart. It takes a photographer who really knows skiing and snowboarding to document it well, and Stevens Pass captures this beautifully… What I also love about this book is that the photos go beyond cliff hucks and deep powder. By including some beautiful scenics, some quiet moments, and images of little tykes learning to ski, Chase has made this book something that everyone can enjoy."
– Chris Jerard Associate Publisher | Freeskier and Snowboard Magazines

"Images and moments from one of Washington’s classic ski areas, Chase’s photos provide an intimate look at contemporary NW ski and snowboard culture."
– Jeff Galbriath, Publisher, The Ski Journal & frequency: The Snowboarder’s Journal

"If a picture really is worth a thousand words than Chase Jarvis’ images from Stevens Pass go a long way toward putting us writers out of business."
– Crai S Bower, 2008 Northern Lights Award Winning Write