Creative Gel Cheat Sheet + Giveaway

After reviewing the Rosco Strobist gel collection, I just had to take it for an intense spin.

Since one of the main uses I see for this kit is the ability to color objects and backgrounds for creative effects, I did a little matrix of colors. (I am a computer geek, I know).

As with all the other cheat sheets on the site, I will go through the idea, the setup and end with a creative commons statement. Unlike the other cheat sheets, we are also going to have a Rosco Strobist gel collection giveaway. That stuff is near the end of the post.

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Strobist Gel Pack Review

Strobist Gel CollectionI’m sure many of you are familiar with the Rosco Free sample swatch book program (I am not even gonna link to that, see why in just a bit). I bet you noticed that those fine babies are gone from the stores too.

Here’s why: When Rosco made the sample program, the main target of it was to enable stage workers, artists and theater decorator to select just the right gel for their needs. They never saw it coming when a huge crowd of photo enthusiasts started to use those free sample swatch books for gelling flashes. Now why would you want to gel your flash and a solution to the problem + a review after the jump. [Read more…]

Create Wonderful Astrophotography Images With A DIY Star Tracker

Create Wonderful Astrophotography Images With A DIY Star TrackerThe following guest post and videos about astrophotography tips and building a DIY star tracker was submitted by Jason Anderson from Canon Blogger.

 How many times have you looked at the nighttime sky, seen some amazing expanse of stars and just thought, “Hey, now that’d be a cool shot!”? From stars and nebula to comets and asteroids, then planets and galaxies, outer space is still a source of awe and wonder for so many of us it’s no doubt that when we capture images from this overly undiscovered frontier, it is surely to grab the viewers attention.

Well, if you want to retain that viewer attention (and who doesn’t…?) it can help to have images that pop! Astrophotography is a tough area to make images pop because we are dealing with something that we don’t have a lot of – light! Remember, photography by definition means “to write with light”. Yet stars in a more or less black sky can make this challenging. So, what can we do? [Read more…]

Thanks You And Bokeh Masters Kit Winners Announced

Mystery Project Tease (by udijw)A few days back I launched a new product – my baby – the Bokeh Masters Kit with a little giveaway to kick things off.

My first reaction was thank you. In little less than 48 hours, my entire stock of Masters Edition kit went down. As well as lots of Demo kits.

I am thankful for this great acceptance of the kit.

But you are not here for my thanks, you are here to see who won the prizes. Winners just after the jump. [Read more…]

Create Wonderful Light Painting Art Using A Cold Cathode

relative field strength (by { tcb })The following article is a guest post by Dana Maltby a.k.a. Twin Cities Brightest a.k.a { tcb } a Light Painting Art Performer.

Greetings again from Minnesota where it’s getting cold again. Below freezing last night, brrrrr!! But there ain’t no rest for the wicked, so let’s get back into some light painting techniques. This time I would like to talk a bit about Cold Cathodes.

A cold cathode is a tube of light that has a similar look to neon lights. It is brighter than a glow stick, and you can attach an on/off switch making them much more versatile in the field. You can find different kinds of these cold cathode tubes. They can be found at auto part stores, for in car light accents and under car lighting.

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The Coolest Photography Gadget Ever – The Bokeh Masters Kit + Giveaway

Mystery Project Tease (by udijw)Everybody loves shaped bokeh images. So do I. Shaped bokeh images are those cool images that have all the blurred lights spear as a heart or star or any other shape.

This is why I wanted to share a very cool new gadget that’s out there for creative photographers – The Bokeh Masters Kit. It is a pro level tool that achieves the same effect as we did with the “Create Your Own Bokeh” post way back when we just started the blog. [Read more…]

Balance Your Light Stand On Tough Terrains

Balance Your Light Stand On Tough TerrainsPhotographer Reuben Krabbe, whom you may remember from the landscape bicycle portraits hack, had his flash pull an untethered bungee jump during a session in the mountains. So Reuben came up with a great idea to balance a lightstand on uneven terrains. That figures with all those mountain bicycle trips.

Being the nice chap that he is, Reuben put a video together to explain how it works. Video and some thoughts after the jump.

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Strawberry Splash – Thoughts About High Speed Photography

Strawberry Milk Splash in a spoon (blue background) (by david.kittos)Gotta love strawberries. And gotta love strawberries in cream even more.

Maybe this is why my taste buds had me coming to this picture again and again.

Then again, it might be the technical details of the shot that drew my attention. Getting a nice splash is hard enough but getting strawberry on spoon splash is nearly impossible. Read on for some musings, thoughts and tips.

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Light Painting – Creating The Orb

response to dynamic loads (by { tcb })The following article is a guest post by Dana Maltby a.k.a. Twin Cities Brightest a.k.a { tcb } an addict to Light Painting.

In the last Light painting installation we saw the huge variety of tools and toys I use for creating Light Painting Art.

One of the things that came strong in the comments was the need to bind those tools to the actual process of taking the image. Well, now I am going to do just this.

So let’s talk about the hottest and most natural object to paint with light, the orb. Also known as a sphere. The good news is that orbs can be made with light quite easily.

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