Radio Slave Triggers – PocketWizard Review – Part 1

Radio Slaves Triggers - PocketWizard Review - Part 1If you remember a while ago, I was full of pain about my crappy you-get-what-you-pay-for radio slaves. When they worked, it was a match made in heaven. Sadly, they did not always work.

Long story short. I made a change. In this two posts series,  I will first detail how and why I came to select Pocketwizard as my radio system and then share my first impressions after using it for more than a month. [Read more…]

Spill Control Diffusion Screens

Difussion Screen 03The cardboard light tent is a constantly popular post here at DIYP, and no wonder it is one of the easiest ways for shoot a small product [note to self, make a really huge cardboard tent].

However, it is not the only way to create good small scale product setups. A while back David Hobby had a great derivative of that box which he titled the lunch box.

Photographer Steve Bennett uses a similar concept to create a table top sized diffusion screen with built in spill control. [Read more…]

For Halloween – The Strob-O-Lantern

The WatchmanWith Halloween just around the corner I thought that showcasing a nice scary photograph may be inspirational. Of course, since this is DIYP there’s a hack in it. It is using an optically triggered hacked slave flash that was fitted in a Lantern.

Photographer Victor W used a small flash scavenged from a Kodak disposable camera to create a scary watch man photograph. (sorry victor, but watchman at night with threatening faces are scary, if you wanna see Victor’s nice side see here). [Read more…]

Endlessly Power Your Flash Lights With A Flashlight

Power Yout Flash Lights With A FlashlightPhotographer Matt Kenney came up with quite a clever way to provide external power to his battery operated strobe (Canon 430EXII).

Instead of building a specialized case with a dedicated battery, or drilling a power socket into the flash, Matt went for the shelf product and used one of them $6, 6V flash lights (about a dollar a volt). I always prefer off the shelf products to making something new, always. Matt then went ahead and equipped it with a 6V rechargeable battery, and a charging jack.

On the strobe side, Matt used wooden batteries to allow the power to flow. IT get a recycle time of 1.2 seconds for full pop (holdya’rhorses SB900 users, it will heat up soon enough).

Matt was kind enough to allow me to share his picture tutorial on DIYP [Read more…]

DIY Portable Wedding Photo Booth

DIY Portable Wedding Photo BoothThere’s an interesting Instructable over at (ehem…) Instructables that deals with all aspects of creating a Photo Booth. The Photo Booth was built by the husband to-be as a wedding project for his (and hers) wedding.

There were only three requirements for the project: “Since our wedding was taking place several states away it had to be
easily portable.  And since it was our wedding it had to look as
as possible, and be fully automated
.” [Read more…]

How To Take Photographs For Manuals

Top down instructions shoot - post postI am involved with a large project that needs photographs for their step-by-step instructions manual. The same regular lighting and placement challenges are there, but there is a new challenge for this kinda shot and it is where to place the camera.

The images need to be taken from atop, creating flat drawing like images. For small stuff (around book size), you can just stand over the thing legs spread and shoot from eye level pointing down, provided that you can level the camera. For bigger things, though, you need to go higher. Way higher.

Here is how I tackle it. [Read more…]

Strobist Corner: Mount Your Hot Shoe Strobe On Big Modifiers

threeringsPhotographer Paulo Rodrigues (Flickr) gave a nice tip on the DIYP Flickr pool.

Problem: I have a ton of modifiers that I attach to my studio monoblocks using speedrings, I can’t get them to work with my hot shoe strobes. This becomes an issue if you are using both hot shoe flashes and monoblocks. Modifiers usually get mounted on a speedring to allow them to attach to a monoblock. Whereas “hot shoe” based modifiers usually use a strap or some clipping device to attach to a speedlight. [Read more…]

Extruding Light Painting Out Of iPads

Extruding Light Painting Out Of iPadsThe Dentsu London agency and Berg design consultancy came up with one of the most mind-blowing light painting movies I’ve seen.

A very simple recipe: Get a bunch of iPads and 3D software. CAT scan (or salami) each of the objects that you want to light paint in the frame. Repeat for every frame to get stop motion animation. Kinda hard to explain in text, instantly figured once seen in the video.

The result is very impressive, innovative and definitely worth the 5:30 minutes the video will take of your debugging/excelling/meeting time.

Rss readers, you may want to click through to see the video (or watch it directly here)

[Via the always excellent @jimgoldstein] [Read more…]