A DIY Clip Gel Holder

A DIY Clip Gel HolderWe have featured some awsome gel holders on the site before. But never one with this simple approach. It is fast to mount, easy to use and leave no residue on the strobe.

It also fits any size flash and any size gel, how cool is that?

Thanks, Jerry R Hamby, for this awsome build. [Read more…]

SyLights Goes Mobile And SLR Allows You To “Pre Check” Your Lighting

SyLights Goes Mobile And SLR Allows You To Pre Check Your LightingLooks like the Strobist community is taking over the iPhone apps stores.

Two new members to that community – the new Studio Rig Locator and an iPhone port of SyLights.

SLR – Studio Rig Locator is an app that not only allows you to position lighting elements in the studio, but also allows a somewhat weird preview on the newly lit model. (this app is a paid app £3.49)

The other new iPhone App is a SyLights port to the iPhone. And really, I like the mobile version even more that I like the SyLights site (which is not that shabby at all). SyLights allows to create store and manipulate diagrams with loads and loads of studio equipment. Then those can be saved to your camera roll (iPhone’s lingo for image directory). Best of all it is a free application.

both apps has intro videos after the jump. [Read more…]

13 Photography Lighting Video Tutorials

13 Photography Lighting Video TutorialsThe following is a collection of thirteen video lighting tutorials. The main premise is that after watching those videos you’ll know to light a little bit better, or at least pick up a trick or two.

Now watching those will not make you better pictures, you’ll actually have to go out and shoot some. Hopefully those videos, some only using one light, will provide lots and lots of motivation to try new things. [Read more…]

One Light Portrait Setup #1 – Butterfly Lighting (+ Optional Strobe)

butterfly lightingYuval needed a few pictures for her facebook, twitter and other social media services she consumes (or is being consumed by hehe).

As profile pics seem to be popular these days, I thought I’d put the setup and photographs here on DIYP. It is going to be a one light portrait (and optional second light for background).

A while back we had a clamshot post that showed how to use two collapsible Westcott umbrellas to create butterfly lighting. It is a great light for the ladies that really gives that glamorous look. This is why it is also called paramount lighting. We also had a ghetto studio setup post for making a “table” kinda thing for this shot using a single strobe. This one was for the PVC lovers.

In this post I am going to explain how to create the same effect with a single light. (and then show what can be done with a secont light). [Read more…]

The Comprehensive Water Drop Photography Guide

Splat!!!Not a long while ago the net was exploding with Corrie White’s Fun with Water set on Flickr. Her control over those drops, their color and their timing was remarkable indeed.

This is why I am very exited to share Corrie’s very extensive guide for water drops photography.

The guide is for all levels going explaining the setup, lights, optional use of a drip mechanism and post. [Read more…]

The Strobist Corner: A Quadzillion Duty Light Source

Caterpillar (lit with Can O' Pickles)A long while back David Hobby did a double duty assignment where he asked participants to use a single light source to perform several lighting function. A huge deal later I saw a great video from Jim Talkinton about using mirrors as a way of expanding a light source and became obsessed with it.

In this post, I will share my experience with creating a setup that only uses one very cheap work light on a stick-in-a-can and lots of mirrors from a Dollar store (or Amazon). The premise is that you can light well on the cheap. Mucho strobismo.

Here is the fun bit, lighting for this setup only costs about $10. The step by step is right after the jump.

The resulting image is on the top of this post. We’ll get back to it, but first, lest see what we started with. [Read more…]

How To Build The Smallest Intervalometer In The World

The Passage of Time (by ToniVC)If you are into time lapse you must have checked the option of getting an Intervalometer. as you can see from the Canon and Nikon links an Intervalometer is not cheap. Not really expensive either, but definitely not cheap. So As usual I ask: what can you DIY about it?

Some cameras already have the time lapse feature built in, and Canon photographers can turn to CHDK for adding a time lapse feature. But there is a third, cooler version if you are into electronics (which I know lots of site readers are not afraid of).

Achim Sack – a super electronics engineer – has a project for building an intervalometer the size of a finger nail. It needs no power and learns the interval between shots as you go. If you are into embedded programming, this is a project for you, if not, “move along nothing to see…” [Image credit: tonyVC] [Read more…]

DIY Dual Gun Bracket With 39″ Umbrella

DIY 39-inch Reflective Umbrella w/ Dual Speedlight Bracket (by Allen Mowery)I am not surprised to see the DIY community responds to David’s Hobby last post about the Lastolite Triflash. Reader Allen Mowery came up with a quick and easy way to build a dual flash bracket with a DIY umbrella.

Made from a T-brace and a 1/2″ plastic pipe (+ some odds and ends), Allen presents the Dual Bracket Swivel Mount. The “genius involved” is debatable to quote the tutorial, however for about $8 (umbrella excluded) this is quite a find. (I am not really sure about the DIYing of the umbrella, in this case. folding and unfolding it seems a bit risky with cheapo paint).

It does not carry a trysync hotshoe as the tryflash, but is still a great way to double your flash power (and save some on a swivel).

Read the full tutorial from Allen on DIYP’s flickr group.

Read about other dual brackets here. [Read more…]

La Guillotine Camera, A.K.A The Adidas Camera

La GUILLOTINE - 3 lens 120film camera - SHOT ! (by steven -l-l-l- monteau)Steven Monteau, the out-of-this-world-designer who created the Battlefield Pinhole Camera (and the amazing bokeh video) is back with a new camera the Guillotine (A.K.A Adidas) Camera. It is a homemade camera that creates actions sequences, in a fashion very similar to the Lomo Super Sampler (only better). It does so on 120 film and with great fineness.

Steven was kind enough to share how this camera was built. I am not really sure if this goes into the crazy or genius category.

Check his other photographic inventions on his Flickr stream and his bi-lingual blog. [Read more…]