On Board Flash Snoot

On Board Flash SnootWhile I don’t usually advocate using the camera built-in flash, There are times that it may be useful. Neil van Niekerk is quite popular for his on camera flash use (with the black foamy thing). This little mod sent by Nick Murray-Hogarth goes even back as far as on camera flash goes and uses the on board flash wrapped in a snoot.

Not too long ago we had an article about using foam rubber sheets to make a snoot to mount on an external flash, not having upgraded to an external just yet, I thought I would have a go at making one for the on-board flash. So here goes! [Read more...]

Create Wonderful Digital Pinhole Pictures Using a Tobacco Box

ph012 (by Matt (MattDevlinPhotography))Digital pinhole uses the same principles as a “regular pinhole” i.e. a small hole instead of lens, but as all digital cameras, it provides a way to instantly view your image and “change film” with less hustle.

Photographer Matt Devlin posted this awesome digital pinhole guide on DIYP flickr group. I thought it is worth to repost it here (with permission) to help everyone see it. Thanks Matt. [Read more...]

Extending The GI Trigger Range

Extending The GI Trigger RangeFinally I got around to making a little change on my GI Radio Slave Transmitter set (those are also known as GI Triggers or Poverty Wizards).

I love the triggers dearly, and while there pop rate is not good enough to play Russian Roulette with, it is good enough for most of my usage.

One thing that has been bothering me for ages is the short rage of those triggers. While they work well indoors, they tend to be a little limiting once stepping outside. I looked around and found some great tuts (including a camo one) about extending the GI range. This post will describe how I did it (kinda quick and dirty).

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Google Dabs In High Speed Photography

google high speedYou can trust Google to do things BIG. Google was set to show the rendering speed of the Google browser – Chrome.

To show how fast the Chrome browser actually is they compared it with several high speed plays. That is to say, they burned, crushed and splashed all over the place like little kids and shot it in slo-mo HD. How slow mo? 2700 frames per seconds.

(If you are reading this via RSS, and don’t see the video, click through. If you do see the video, you may want to verify that your speakers are not set to high).

To show how fast the browser actually is they compared it with several high speed plays. That is to say, they burned, crushed and splashed all over the place like little kids and shot it in slo-mo HD. How slow mo? 2700 frames per seconds slow mo. They did it using a Phantom v640 cam, which can actually go up to 8K images per seconds if you are willing to throw HD away.

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Make Light Painting Circles With Light

Evolved Cognitive Mechanisms (by Dennis Calvert)The following post about creating Circles art in light painting was made by Dennis Calvert. Check his excellent Flickr stream here.

There’s something magical about the perfection and symmetry found in a circle. Today, we are going to learn one way to make perfect circles with light.

The idea is very simple and all the materials for the project can be purchased at local hardware and department stores. [Read more...]

Making Patterned Light Painting Images

light paintingThe following guest post about creating patterns with Light Painting is written by Mark Montgomery (A.K.A maku on Flickr), you can see more of his work here.

There a lots of really talented light painters out there worldwide doing big small stuff and detailed everything style pieces. If I had to choose I wouldn’t but some folks take their photos to the next level. From the icy blue rocks and motioned ocean done by Burnblue to the triptastic tunnel work of someone like tcb (who did a few great tutorials for DIYP). Their work always has a real power owing to the huge or subtle location they use. Each does it their own way but to full effect.

I always try to focus on the journey of the light. An ideal shot for me is one with no streetlight or reflected windows and a frame of something that I can’t explain but recognize as soon as I see it. I love the use of spaces but I always have enjoyed focusing on the light itself as it flowed momentarily. Trying to add depth with the pathways of various sources or flipping something to create a symmetrical view if I feel it adds to what I was trying to do is usually about it. Here is how you do it. [Read more...]

The Battlefield Pinhole Camera

Battlefield Pinhole CameraAfter yesterday’s Pinhole Bonanza, I am proud to serve you the Battlefield Pinhole Camera DIY tutorial.

The battlefield is a revolutionary pinhole camera that simultaneously uses 3 rolls of 35mm film to capture an image split across all three rolls. Look at the image on the left for a clue on the name origin :)

This tut has lots of details and is somewhat technical, so we will jump between images, videos and text, using the best method (or methods) to illustrate each step. Try and keep up. [Read more...]

Hennessy Shoots a Campaign Based On Light Painting

Hennessy Shoots a Light Painting CampaignPhotographer Atton Conrad recently shot a campaign for Hennessy VS Cognac. This is no biggie other than the fact that photography approach was based entirely on light painting.

For those of you who are not familiar with the term, light painting is a technique where a camera is set on a tripod in a dark location @ long exposure, and captures the movements of light in the frame (you may want to check out this tutorial to get the general idea).

Anyhow, I think this is the first time I am seeing a campaign at this scale shot entirely with light painting, which could be a marker for light painting to start entering mainstream photography.

Atton Conrad did a short BTS (Behind The Scenes) clip. There is a longer one with my comments after the jump.

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DIY Macro Lighting LED Ring

diy led ring lightA while back we had a piece about the power of using LEDs in photography. In that article we had a very primitive LED ring light. In this guest post, Tim Brook shares a much better way to create a LED ring light.

Browsing through the dealextreme website, I came across these LED car headlight rings and thought that they’d be ideal for making a Macro Lighting Ring so I placed my order and had a go.
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