Introducing DIY Lighting Kits: Great Light – Light On Your Wallet

DIY Lighting Kits: Great Light – Light On Your Wallet Wouldn’t it be nice if your DIY Ring Flash was perfect. I mean, really perfect – almost pro like.

What If it had superb even light, looked slick and was made from top notch materials? It would be nice wouldn’t it? What if that Ring Flash only cost as much as  a large pizza at Dominos?

What if for even less you could easily mount two (or four) strobes on one light stand and have full on axis light?

Well, I got some exiting news for you! [Read more…]

Use A Bonbon Box To Create A DIY Lightscoop

Use A Bonbon Box To Create A DIY LightscoopLightsoop is a simple device that bounces your camera-attached strobe off the walls and ceiling when you shoot in a small room.

The logics behind it are very similar to the ones behind the Garry Fong Lightsphere. Only this device attaches to your on camera flash, and uses a mirror to throw the light, where the Fong uses a translucent ball.

Way back we showed how an effect similar to the Lightsphere can be created using a Yogurt cup (free Tsiziki recipe included). synthetic_meat shows how a similar effect to the Lightscoop can be achieved with a bonbon box. [Read more…]

Use CHDK As A Definite Lightning Rod For Your Pictures

Lightning in Sant FeliuA little while back we introduced an electric DIY which was designed to help reduce the luck factor when going on a stormy night to photograph lighting. It involved quite a bit of hardware and was aimed towards DSLRs that have an external trigger jack.

Turns out there is an easier way for most Canon P&S owners. It is called CHDK. We discussed CHDK before when we showed how to make Hi Res time lapse movies. This time CHDK comes to the rescue with a lighting catching script. [Read more…]

On Assignment – Smeared

Smeared!If you are tuned to DIYPs twitter and facebook accounts you know that something big is coming on May. We are diligently making preparations.

We thought long and hard about what will the best way to kick off our new product and decided on doing a video. So, directed by Zeke Kamm of Nice photo mag, we headed out to the wilderness.(You’re gonna have to read till the end if you wanna see it big :)

For this particular shot Zeke wanted me to take a “bad picture”. Crossing out all the regular “bad pictures” ideas – like soft focus, bad exposure and so on, we thought what can be worst than getting smeared on a wind shield. I say, not much. [Read more…]

Use A Mini Jack To Convert Your iPhone Into a DSLR Super Remote

Use A Mini Jack To Convert Your iPhone Into a DSRL Super RemoteHere is a nifty idea. Use a couple of cheapo IR LEDs and a nimijack from your neighborhood RadioLove store and you can make your iPhone into a Camera Super remote.

DSLRbot ($4.99)is a simple playback application that plays WAV files. Interestingly, the WAV files it plays correspond to commands used on DSLRs infrared remotes. In turn, those can be used to make time lapse sequences, HDR bracketing and all kinds of similar tricks. Compare that to your over $100 Nikon or Canon Intervalometer. [Read more…]

Build An Amazing Super Versatile DIY Time Lapse Dolly

I was literally screaming with joy when Derek Mellott (you know Derek, he likes Barbeque and time lapse movies) showed me his latest Time Lapse Slider Dolly. Then, I literally fell from my chair when he suggested to share the build with DIYP readers.

Now, every once in a while we have a “dare” tutorial, one that will kill an entire month of weekends (and then some). Those are not for the faint of heart, but the results and satisfaction from completing one of those projects in unbelievable. (see the battlefield pinhole camera for example). It is the same with this project – it is not an easy task, it takes woodmenship, electronics know-how, and plenty of time, but the results are stunning.

(But hey, you know what, even if you just pick up one of the ideas in this post, it would rock. For example, building the collapsible rails idea to be used with the cheapo motor slider puller)

The movie comes first – this should get you motivated – then the instructions. Embrace yourselves.

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