Controllable Smoke Makes a Huge Cleaning Tab


A few days ago, Benjamin Von Wong (flickr) posted a photograph called rejection to his photostream. It was quite an extra ordinary piece of work in my mind.

There was a small bit of info in the captions that caught my eyes: “The Behind the Scenes is actually ready… Eva is just waiting for me to finish up the edits

I guess Eva is done waiting, because f-stoppers just posted the very cool behind the scenes on this one. [Read more…]

Create Geometric Light Painting Spirographs

Create Geometric Light Painting ParabolasSpirals, I could talk for hours on end about what they are, their geometrical qualities, or the fact that earth will die without their existence.

But that would be long and boring. Instead, I am going to describe is how to make them. Photographically, that is.

If you thought that light painting is fun, wait to discover, light painting and geometry, it’s even more fun! [Read more…]

Making It Rain

Jay P. Morgan over at F-stoppers just posted a great video tut showing how to make rain. It is a lot simpler that what I thought. And all it takes is fan head sprayer (like the one from your back yard).

I checked on Amazon, they go as low as $7.30.

This 3:51 video is packed with lighting tips. Aside telling how to light rain, it discusses light placement, modifiers motivation and ambient control. All with examples. For me it just felt like a workshop squeezed into half a coffee break.

RSS folks, click here to watch the video.

J. P. Morgan‘s How To Make A Rain Machine For Video Or Stills via fstoppers. [Read more…]

The Making of Phill’s Pet

The Making of Phill's PetWhen I saw Phil’s Pet on Flickr (on the left. Click for a bigger view) I knew I just had to learn how it was taken. Gladly for us, Trevor agreed to share the setup and production process of this wonderful light painting.

It came as no surprise that this photograph is a very integrative effort. Integrative in the sense that it takes lots of techniques and puts them into one creative vision.

P.S. no birds were harmed during the production. [Read more…]

21 Photographs And Lighting Setups For Every Occasion

21 Photographs And Lighting Setups For Every OccasionIt would be very pretentious of me to declare that looking at the photographs and diagrams below will teach you how to light. That said, looking at the photographs and setups and trying to understand the motivation behind the lighting will give you a good start when dealing with similar lighting dilemmas.

You can always come back to this post to see how a particular image was lit to make a similar setup or to use it as a stepping stone for your own. [Read more…]

Light Stencils Video Tutorial (And A Pacman Bonus)

Light Stencils Video Tutorial (And A Pacman Bonus)One of the more interesting methods used in lightpainting is Light Stencils. We featured a written tutorial for light stencils a while back, and thought a video tut will help to better understand how to make the stencils “box”.

“Surprisingly”, the design is very similar to a DIY softbox, after all both are used to make the light come out from a front screen.

Lighting painting artist group fiz-iks just released their video tut on how to make those boxes, and an eighties inspired movie which demonstrates the power of those boxes. Both after the jump. [Read more…]

Video Light Painting – The Easy Way

Video Light Painting - The Easy WayOne of the most repeated questions we get on our light painting tuts is: “Yes, but how about video? Can you light paint in video?

Well, the short answer is yes you can, you would need to take roughly 24 pictures per second, drawing and re-drawing your light for every single frame. EVERY.SINGLE.FRAME. There are two great examples for that method embedded at the end of this post.

There is an easier way, though less purist made by kdenlive developer Simon Eugster. You would need some Linux skills (and I know many of you are Linux Ninjas) and the usual light painting tools of the trade. Sample and more info after the jump. [Read more…]