Balance Your Light Stand On Tough Terrains

Balance Your Light Stand On Tough TerrainsPhotographer Reuben Krabbe, whom you may remember from the landscape bicycle portraits hack, had his flash pull an untethered bungee jump during a session in the mountains. So Reuben came up with a great idea to balance a lightstand on uneven terrains. That figures with all those mountain bicycle trips.

Being the nice chap that he is, Reuben put a video together to explain how it works. Video and some thoughts after the jump.

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Strawberry Splash – Thoughts About High Speed Photography

Strawberry Milk Splash in a spoon (blue background) (by david.kittos)Gotta love strawberries. And gotta love strawberries in cream even more.

Maybe this is why my taste buds had me coming to this picture again and again.

Then again, it might be the technical details of the shot that drew my attention. Getting a nice splash is hard enough but getting strawberry on spoon splash is nearly impossible. Read on for some musings, thoughts and tips.

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Light Painting – Creating The Orb

response to dynamic loads (by { tcb })The following article is a guest post by Dana Maltby a.k.a. Twin Cities Brightest a.k.a { tcb } an addict to Light Painting.

In the last Light painting installation we saw the huge variety of tools and toys I use for creating Light Painting Art.

One of the things that came strong in the comments was the need to bind those tools to the actual process of taking the image. Well, now I am going to do just this.

So let’s talk about the hottest and most natural object to paint with light, the orb. Also known as a sphere. The good news is that orbs can be made with light quite easily.

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Light Painting – Tools Of The Trade

antiparticle (by { tcb })The following article is a guest post by Dana Maltby a.k.a. Twin Cities Brightest a.k.a { tcb } an addict to Light Painting.

Now that you know the basics of light painting let’s move on to creating the effects you want.

If you have a certain idea about a lighting effect you want, chances are you can make it happen. Some ideas are cheap and inexpensive while others can be costly and time consuming. Every project is a great learning experience, and the results seen in the photos later on will keep you on your toes and inspired constantly.

In the following post I will present the tools of the trade that I use to create my light painting art. If you know of other light painting tools and tricks, please add them in the comments.

For each of the images below a different tool was used as the main tool. Some of the images were done using several tools, in that case I mentioned the tool which has the main effect.
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Don’t Give Up On Your GI Trigger – Three Ways To Revive It When It Looks Dead

GI Trigger (by udijw)So you hacked yourself a gadget infinity flash radio slave and you are happy. You are shooting off camera flash and things work splendid. Actually, you really wanted a pair of pocketwizards, but it was 26 big ones Vs. 360, so it’s GI. Actually they work quite well. They worked quite well for a long while now. Then a crisis. Flash wont fire. 

Camera clicks, but flash won’t fire. Darn! It was working just a second ago. What could have gone wrong? (Or in the words that the guys from the internet service hear 1000 times a day – I did not touch it.)

Here are three things to check before giving up on your cactus remotes.
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Just Before Going To New Zealand

Chase Jarvis is a photographer I really love following. Heck, if he ever counted his mentions on this blog, he’d probably call the stalking police.

Chase’s latest installment is a cool video about his latest joy trip assignment to New Zealand where he shot a campaign for Sandisk.

A small treasure of goodies came out from that ride (check here for videos, BTSs, Gear talk and more), but in this post, I’d like to focus on the last video. The one where Chase shoots a rapid-hell-fire-8-FPS-strobed-ski sequences.

Ok, I’m gonna take my chances and try not to sound like a third grade
teacher when I’ll say – This video is not about gear, it’s not about
technique it’s about homework. More after the jump

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SB800 Internals

SB800 internals  (by udijw)As you may know, I am involved with a secret project. For this secret project I needed dots, plenty of dots.

My first thought was to punch some holes in a black Bristol and cover the flash up. Then (I naively thought) I’d get a nice projection of spots on the adjacent wall. Right? Wrong!

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